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Orienting woes!

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I read most of the replies here, and most were helpful. I probably should have mentioned that I have already had numerous personal conversations with this girl about her performance to no avail. I actually really like her as a person and we have a friendly relationship. I would never put her down or yell at her, but it was just so frustrating. Oh, and I know that there is IV Tylenol out there, the situation I was referencing was she had two actual Tylenol pills in her hand and asked if she should give them IV.

So here is what I did. I had another sit down with our manager, this time I included my orientee. I laid out all my concerns to her and my manager and it went well. Megan (don't worry, fake name!) admitted that she was having a really hard time dealing with the "reality" of nursing vs. what she was taught in school. She feels like our floor is too much for her and doesn't wish to continue with orientation. She was offered another preceptor and an additional 4 weeks of night orientation, which she turned down. She is going to pursue Hospice, which has always been what she wanted. She thanked me for being kind to her, and she said point blank "I just can't learn here. It's too much". I feel bad that she had to quit, but I also feel a huge relief that its all over. She's a very nice girl and I'm sure I'll see her soon on a hospice consult.

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Obviously you have been a caring and professional preceptor. Your original post seemed to indicate to most of us that this orientee was out of her comfort/capable zone. I think you are to be greatly commended for your efforts on her behalf.

And good for her for being able to admit to you and the manager (scary situation for a new grad) that this position is not a good fit.

I wish you had been my preceptor back in the day:lol2::yeah:

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