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Hey Fellow Studentites:

I had my orientation today. I'm psyched and nervous. Mostly about time management.

All of the nursing students get laptops to use in class (one of the perks of 17k/year in tuition, eh?) so I got my laptop today. It's an IBM thinkpad celeron 700 with 196mb ram. Not too shabby for a free laptop ;-)

They're mandatory for all of the nursing classes!

A lot of the orientation was boring b/c I had just gone over a lot of it a month ago in a 3 day orientation for my new job at the hospital....... but reinforcing never hurt no one. :D

It's weird to see all these 17 year olds living on campus in the program with me...... they'll be graduating with me probably and taking most of the nursing courses with me. I'm so used to always being the youngest that now I feel like such a geezer and I'm only 25!!! There's a few "older gals" (and no guys!?!!) in my nursing group, but none too much older than me, and only like 2 or 3 others. It's mostly youngins. Which is cool with me, they all seemed pretty down to earth and nice.

The orientation was aimed for F/T students only, so I have a feeling that there will be P/T older students. Unfortunately, probably not many with tuition being so high and them not taking Fin. Aid for p/t students. :-(

ANYWAY....... I had already had a tour of the nursing facility last week when I met with my advisor, but we got a more in depth tour today and it's so great. Every desk has a plug and an ethernet port for the laptops, roomy desks/chairs, everything state of the art..... the labs look like real hospital rooms. I'm so impressed. :)

Anyway...... I'm looking forward to a great year. Oh and my husband said if I can make it to the end of September, he's willing to work a little extra to make up some add'l $$ so I can go PRN at the hospital and get more study time in. God I love him so much!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Anyone else have orientation?

--zannie :)

Wow Zannie the laptops are pretty cool. I seen a special report on T.V. I can't remember which program it was but it said that more and more colleges are thinking about going to the laptop system and giving students their very own laptop when they enter college. Your school at $17,000.00 that is not a bad throw in at all that is really good in fact that is the least they can do. I thought my school was expensive it is $15,000.00 a year and that is without books and other supplies. I been going through my first day of each class all this week and it is not going to be as bad like I orginally thought it would be.

well take care and good luck.


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