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Orientation length fir exp. Nurses switching specialties?


I have an opportunity to switch specialties from postpartum/nursery/nicu to pediatrics at a different hospital.

When I applied I had thought the position was for nursery, but it's actually for pediatrics and she said they like their pedi nurses to have pedi experience. So, I'm not really sure why they called me lol I told them I don't have pedi experience and she said they give 6 weeks orientation.

My question is, will 6 weeks be enough orientation? I would love to switch specialties, since I've been in this same specialty now almost 7 years and nobody would hire/train me in a different specialty when I tried in the past.

I'm also nervous, because I love my specialty, but I think I'd love pediatrics, but I'm not sure since you never really know until you start.:nurse:

HouTx specializes in Critical Care, Education.

Since you have a great foundation, this should definitely be adequate. However, I would advise you to work with your manager & educator to develop a list of specific objectives you will need to accomplish during that period of time. Then , make sure you have touch-base meetings once a week or so to see how you're doing, and determine whether you will need any additional resources/classes to accomplish your objectives.

In order to be successful, you'll need to be pro-active & identify your own learning needs. Hopefully, your educator will be able to help you find the right resources. Best of luck in your transition. Keep us posted on your progress.

NICUMurse87 specializes in NICU, Psych.

Well, you probably only needed 2 weeks. 6 weeks would just be insulting to your prowess.

klone specializes in Women's Health/OB Leadership.

I definitely think 6 weeks is a very reasonable, generous orientation length for an experienced nurse.


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