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So I have orientation as a CNA at a long term care facility next Friday, and I have a few questions such as what should I wear (scrubs or business casual)? When would be a good time to ask about pay/benifits? What should I expect of orientation? they said it would run about 6 hours. Any advice or suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.


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Orientation usually occurs after you have the job secured. They didn't tell you about pay and benefits then? If you're actually on the floor, you need to have scrubs on and shoes that will be sturdy and comfortable.

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I'd wear scrubs. Something new and clean and pressed, not faded or dingey. You want to make a good 1st impression and appear ready and eager to work, not worn out with an I don't care attitude. (The condition of your uniform reflects this whether you're aware of it or not).

You will likely be on the floor. If not, this is what you will be wearing anyway and it's just fine for orientation.

You should have already asked about pay/benefits. The 2nd interview is the time to ask. Give them a call before orientation to confirm your pay and benefits.

And remember: for the 1st week or two you will be exhausted and overwhelemed and your body will hurt all over! It gets easier! :up:


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I would also check to make sure you are being paid for orientation. Not paying you for that is illegal. I have worked for a home health agency and they didn't pay for orientation but made it mandatory. Go figure.

Please ask them what the dress code will be. Some have particular colors, types of shoes, hair requirements, etc. You should know before you go!

Good luck!

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