organizational sheet?

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I am a new nurse, graduated in may and finally found a job for which I have been working for last 4 weeks. I am trying to find anyone who might have a template or something that they print off for each of their patients to write down important info with assessments, pain level, time of last pain med etc for me to reference to when I cant sit down and chart right away....which is pretty much always lol. I work on an ortho floor if that helps but either way im just looking for some sort of flow chart to print off each day for me to keep track of everything.


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I have something I made during school but I don't know how to attach the file

Really it's best to sit down and make your own. Everybody has different things they need to remind themselves of. Also if you do your own you can easily get back into it and add/delete/move things around as time goes by to tailor it. Looks like you already know what you need in a brainsheet off your original post.

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