Where can I get a CNA in Oregon?

  1. i was wondering where in oregon i could get a cna. how long do the programs usually take and what does it entail? how much does it cost? any info would be much appreciated. thanks!!
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  3. by   FutureRNMichael
    You find the complete list of sites avalible at the State Board of Nursing website here in PDF Form(You need Adobe Acrobat): http://www.oregon.gov/OSBN/pdfs/CNA_CMAprograms.pdf

    Be careful where you pick because nursing homes need people and they will pay for your training/certification/state test so in a way, the ball is in your court..

    I am a CNA currently, have worked in Nursing Homes and Adult & Geriatric Psych. If you have any more questions, i'd be happy to help you.

    Best of luck!
  4. by   surfnese
    Hi guys,
    I am a LPN from the Roseburg area and wanted to let Lindsay know that in our area Rose Haven, Umpqua Valley Nursing both have scholarship plans and hire from their own. Umpqua Community College also has the college credit CNA program if you are thinking about nursing later on, it is 9 credit hours, and costs 55.00 per credit with a few extra fees. It can be done in one term.
  5. by   kids
    There were several ads in this weeks Sunday Oregonian for nursing facilities offering the classes. Most will provide the State approved class for free (and pay for the State certification test) if you work a specified length of time afterward.

    Choose your facility wisely, be sure you will want to work there for the required amount of time. I have know a couple of people who took a class and didn't work out their agreement. They were sued by the facility for its costs (a couple thousand dollars) and they lost in small claims court. The judges didn't care how bad the employee thought the conditions were, the employee should have considered it before signing the agreement.
  6. by   zambezi
    I agree with what the others have offered as opinions. If there is an area or place you know you want to work, you can try calling and find out if they offer any programs that can get you your license... for example, the hospital that I work at offers a cna training program...as do several LTC facilites in the area...when in doubt, you can always get in touch with the BON at the address that FutureRNMichael recommended...Good Luck...
  7. by   LadyLong
    Quote from lindsay112
    i was wondering where in oregon i could get a cna. how long do the programs usually take and what does it entail? how much does it cost? any info would be much appreciated. thanks!!
    i went through the pcc program (http://www.healthprofessionals.pcc.edu/cna.htm) and highly recommend it. it takes 11 weeks and they really do an awesome job. you get to do clinicals in both a nursing home and hospital settings. the program costs around $800, but if you get hired on at a facility with medicare beds, they will reimburse a substantial portion of that to you (it's based on the number of medicare beds they have). they also will reimburse you for your licensing fee.
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    This is a very informative thread for newbies to nursing like me. I received a BFA with top marks (and work as a marketing manager, web designer, graphic designer, and technical editor), but decided to go into a trade where I am making a difference and not be a cubical hermit. I am interested in hospice care (and will be volunteering for hospice assistance first) and definitely geriatrics.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

    I am currently fulfilling the prereq's for nursing at PCC and would like to get a job as a CNA part-time, but I am not sure where to go to get skills/training and what facilities are good ones in the Portland metro area.

    Thanks so much for your help! (-:
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    Thanks so much Tofutti - this is really helpful! I wasn't sure about PCC's CNA program (through Mt Hood) and this cinches it. I think I'm just going to push through prereq's at PCC and try for OHSU, if possible. Seems like Washington preps CNAs differently too and it doesn't tie in well with Oregon's system.

    By the way --- Tofutti brand ice cream is my husband's fave!!

    Best wishes and thanks again for the great info.
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    I haven't had time to thank you for the information about PCC's CNA program, but here it is now --- thank you! I didn't know of it's existence, since every time I requested information from PCC, they sent me info on Hood CC. I know of the politics, but hear that the new folks are pretty good. Maryville is where I'm going...I'm hoping it won't be too bad...but, if it is, I will do my best to get the most out of it.

    I'm signed up for it this quarter at PCC and I'll let you know how it goes - no matter what I will study super hard. I hope to work as a CNA part-time for a while before becoming a nurse....Also doing quite a bit of volunteer work.

    Hope you are well,
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  13. by   Rtkam
    Quote from tofutti

    i took the cna program at pcc and it was bad. i learned a lot but it was a miserable experience for the whole class due to psychotic instructors. cannot recommend it. that was a few years ago and i see those instructors are gone now, but the the same director is still there. (this is a different department than the rn program which i hear is much better.)

    i know a couple people who took it through cascade medical school (?) it's out of woodburn but clinicals are in the pdx area. they both said it was good. i've heard good reports about mt. hood community college and clackamas community college for their cna programs, from people who did them.

    as far as taking the class at a nursing home, i would be concerned i wasn't adequately prepared for the state exam. but i could be wrong there!

    marquis care centers do cna training but my cna classmates who went to work for them said to avoid them.

    for a cna employer, i loved willamette view health center. they don't train cna's but cascade medical school has their cna clinicals there.

    i did not care for maryville for my cna clinicals.

    good luck! tofutti

    what did you not like about maryville?

    i just got a job offer from them, and would like to know what your experience was like there.....

    thank u!

  14. by   Rtkam

    Are u still at Maryville?
    What was your experience like>

    I'm considering them and Marquis at the moment