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Hello, I am looking to relocate to find work. The job market for nurses is dead in my area and I have not found a job. Oregon is one of the places I'm thinking about relocating to but I'm scared... Read More

  1. by   kamaboko
    Quote from B4RN
    Also, Providence will pay your tuition ( up to 75%) for you to get that BSN if you are an employee there.
    I am taking mine through Indiana Westlyn, amazing program, all online and it only takes 18 months.

    I found, in my job search in OR that even through they say BSN, they are still more than willing to interview ASN's
    Interestingly enough...when I was getting my CNA (for the purpose of my NS application) the gal in-charge of the program, with well over 20 years of RN experience, flat out told me, and several other students, the job market for new nurses in the US has tanked. Elective surgery has plummeted, 50M w/o health insurance, and insurance companies paying less has beaten up the profession. Sure, there are opportunities for those with niche skills and experience, but for the most part...it's in a coma. Even one of the admissions people for a nursing I applied to told me there's nothing in Oregon for new grads, so expect to look out of state. I'm not aware of any hospital facility in Oregon hiring ASN's. This information comes from a friend of mine who recruits in the medical industry (e.g., MD, NP, RN, etc).
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    Quote from B4RN
    Does this discourage people from going to nursing school?? How can a school jusify pumping out so many new nurses with no jobs for them?
    Nope! People are desperate to get into NS, just go look at the NS in Oregon Forum, the CC I graduated from enrolls 100 students in a cohort, I doubt that they plan on slowing down, however someone from the school did call me to do a servey on all the 2010 grads to see who was working or not.

    When my class asked about the jobs, it was "oh don't worry, you come from a great school with an excellent hx" well great school or not I still only have an ADN, which the hospitals want BSN

    When we had someone come from the career center to speak to us about finding jobs, she was the only one who spoke to truth to us, that it would be very hard and most of us should consider looking out of state.

    I finally landed a job in a SNF, but I had to go out of state to Vancouver, thanfully it is only 30min away so I don't have to move, I plan on finishing up my BSN in the next 6 months and by then I will have 7 months experience and then I will try Oregon again.
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    When I read the post about over 500 nurses applying at one hospital, I almost passed out. It is always better to know the truth on my last interview for LTC they asked if it was hard to find a nursing job because they had so many applicants. I really think this whole thing about the nursing job shortage is not something that is common knowledge. It has been pretty embarrassing to me explaining that I am an out of work nurse. There has been so much publicity about a nursing shortage. (I could not even get a job at a prison) All this is pretty scary and I owe my student loans.
    Overall, don't move to Oregon if you are looking for any type of work. If anyone has suggestions on where they need nurses let me know. Also, check the Cali message boards because they are saying that they are having a hard time there too.

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    I'm working on my NP doctorate in psych (plan to also do the clinicals so I can do family/primary) and then look for something rural in Oregon. I hear that the prescriptive privledge in OR is pretty decent.

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    As a specialty nurse (NICU) for 24 years, what do you think my chances are of landing a job in Portland when I relocate from out of state? I have an ADN and am an RNC but no BSN.
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    Apply at Legacy, they have a level III NICU and do hire ADNs.
    Providence you can't even get past the prescreening without a BSN.