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  1. Help! I got accepted to both University of Portland and OHSU. I was not expecting to get into OHSU, and I was pretty set on UP. Now, I'm torn. Does anyone have experiences with either of these schools? I would love some advice and/or insight on anything other then the price (obviously, money is super important but let's live in an imaginary world for minute).
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  3. by   MotoMonkey
    Do you have any specific questions or concerns that would help you make your decision? What is important for you when choosing schools?
  4. by   ashleycaitlin
    Yes! I'm interested in the environment/culture of the schools, quality of education, teachers, and clinicals. Also the level of job preparedness upon graduation, and hireability.
  5. by   boywithacoin
    I work at the VA on a designed education unit for UP, which means that we get students from UP each term who are assigned to specific nurses that act as their clinical instructors for the duration of that term. I also interact with OHSU nursing students a lot, as most of our SNTs (student nurse techs) are from OHSU.
    It's hard to compare the two based on those interactions, since the OHSU SNTs are employees on the floor, so they are competent and confident in their positions, while the UP students are on the floor as students, usually unfamiliar with the environment.

    It seems like UP has a solid program, and those students are always very well prepared, ask good questions, and quickly gain confidence. (But I HATE the color of their scrubs, sorry!) I've met/interacted a few times with the woman who coordinates the clinicals, and she seems to really care about the students and ensuring their clinical experiences are top notch.

    On the other hand, one of the most amazing nurses I work with is a new grad (May 2016) from OHSU, and she is incredible. She is a brilliant nurse, her critical thinking is off the charts, and her ability to interact with both patients and members of the interdisciplinary team are truly enviable. Similarly, when I interact with the SNTs (which is rare since they work days and I'm on nights), they just exude a confidence and know-how that I certainly never felt as a student (and still don't always feel as a newer nurse).
  6. by   ashleycaitlin
    Thank you! This reinforces what I've heard about both programs. It sounds like either way I will be in good hands. I like what you said about the new grad from OHSU being able to interact well with the interdisciplinary team, I wonder if that is something I would miss at UP. I'm leaning towards UP because the program is shorter and I like the environment. However, the fact that OHSU is a teaching hospital focused on heath care innovation makes it hard to turn down. I really appreciate your feedback!
  7. by   Delfena
    I don't know if you've already made your decision, but I was in a similar situation last year. I was accepted to both OHSU (accelerated BSN) and to U of P as a transfer student. I already have a previous degree, so my path was a little different than yours. But I was super torn between the two schools, and really struggled with a decision. For me, OHSU would have been shorter (15 months vs 18) and would have also started earlier (transfer students have to wait until January to start at U of P). I interviewed graduates from both schools, and also asked nurses what they thought of students from each school. However, what it really came down to for me was the interaction I had with faculty and staff at both schools. OHSU felt much less personal, and less supportive (felt like they really just wanted you to prove yourself in a sink or swim fashion). U of P was super responsive with all my questions, and the interview I had for the Providence Scholar's Program was amazing - my interviewer and I both ended up getting teary-eyed. So after that those interactions I felt good about choosing U of P, even though it would take an extra year before I was done with the program. I do have to note that I was chosen as a Providence Scholar as well, so that helped my decision on the financial end (but it will still be about the same cost at OHSU, after including taxes that I'll have to pay).

    I definitely don't regret my decision to go to U of P, and I've had excellent experiences with all the staff and faculty so far. The instructors are awesome, and incredibly supportive. They treat me like a knowledgeable adult with valuable life experience, instead of a no-nothing student. So while I can't say what OHSU would be like, U of P has been great for me.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
  8. by   ashleycaitlin
    Thank you! I have decided on UP for very similar reasons. It’s reaffirming to hear that it was good decision for you!

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