Still looking..

  1. Boy this no job thing is getting old. I guess I'm lucky I work at a fire department and casual at an Urgent Care to get some experience, I'm fortuante to have found it. Just wish I could get a hospital job in the Salem area. Melissa
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  3. by   NewNurseyGirl2009
    Sorry, so many people are looking for jobs right now. I have a friend that graduated 6 months ago and another who graduated months ago and they are both still looking. Getting a job is tough right now.
  4. by   shiny217
    It's really hard to find a RN job as a new grad. I'm thinking of moving out of state which I really don't want to do. I work at some clinics PRN basis, but I don't think I can work there too long. SO SAD...T.T
  5. by   Simba&NalasMom
    Keep your chins up...looks like at least the hiring freeze is starting to thaw; a year ago, there were few jobs even for experienced RNs. Looking at oregonlive today, there were almost 300 job postings; yes, they still want experience, but hopefully once they hire the experienced RNs there will be more room for new grads.
  6. by   kamaboko
    Well....I had a sobering conversation with a CNA instructor today regarding the job market. She said that a lot of RN grads are working as CNA's. Moreover, there is a "glut of RN's" (using her expression) across the US. Why? One reson is b/c a lot of people are opting out of elective surgery due to the economy. She knows of hospitals that have entire wings shut down. Her suggestion was look at some of the most undesirable places to live in the US and start looking there for work. Let's face it....every career track in the US is taking a beating. I don't forsee a change in at least a year, likely two.