Reviews of LPN programs

  1. I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on the LPN programs at either Concorde Career College of Apollo College?
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  3. by   locaweda2279
    Just as a heads up. I am 1 month away from graduating from the PN course at Concorde. It's a joke. For one, out of about 10 instructors, only 2 know what they are doing. One of the instructors is a complete idiot (Michelle). Dont do the program, go elsewhere. It's $25,000. I think you could get a better education elsewhere. The average "course" is 3 weeks long. Can you really learn all you need to know about neuro, a&p, or pharm in 3 weeks. It's a waste.
  4. by   Amandamay
    Wow--I'm getting ready to take my entrance exams next week. Thanks so much for the heads up. Do you feel like you prepared to take the NCLEX?
  5. by   Amandamay
    Anyone out there have any feedback on Pioneer Pacific's LPN program?
  6. by   locaweda2279
    No, and the pass rate that they brag about is only because on average, 1/3 of every class has either failed out or been dropped from the program.
  7. by   ShawnR07
    so what is a good school to go to? i have heard that pioneers program is on the brink of getting shut down and i have heard from people who have gone that it is a horrible program.
  8. by   Joyfull77
    I spoke with an Apollo graduate and he said that their LPN program and Concorde's are probably the best in the area. He also said that at the place he works at, the LPN's who work there who graduated from Apollo and Concorde are the most well prepared compared to the other LPN graduates. He is now a RN through a bridge program that he took online through Excelsior. He sees the LPN route as a good idea due to the fact that he had a high GPA and had all of his prerequisites done but they wouldn't accept him at any nursing schools in the Portland area.
  9. by   kamaboko
    For what it's worth, I work with a former PA who specialized in respiratory care for 15 years. He used to teach and now recruits in the medical field. I asked about Apollo and he said to stay away from it; sub-par education with very little challenge. Again, I haven't been there, but those were comments my co-worker had.
  10. by   LoveMyBugs
    MT Hood Community College has a LPN course, have you thought about them? Community Colleges are a lot cheaper than the trade schools. Someone said $25,000 for a trade school, those are usually 9 months, for my 2 year RN program at a CC it will cost less than $8,000, so I am guessing half of that for a LPN through a CC.
  11. by   Amandamay
    Actually, I have looked in to the community college LPN option. Unfortunately the only CC in my area that offers an LPN program (that I know of) is Mt. Hood and I can't commute that far on a daily basis. Concorde, Pioneer and Apollo are all doable. I've narrowed it down to Concorde and Pioneer at this point...still not sure which one to choose though. I'm researching transferrability of credits as my intent is to go into a RN bridge program asap after achieving my LPN. Any experiences or thoughts out there on that?
  12. by   LoveMyBugs
    If you are looking at going into an RN program, why dont you just skip the LPN and just go for the RN? I don't know where you are hoping to work, but most hospitals do not hire LPN, if there are LPNs there it is because the have been grandfathered in.
    From what I have heard is that credits from trade schools do not transfer to colleges. Smart for you to check on the transferablity of the credits, also check as to what thier accreditation is, what is thier NCLEX pass rate is and how many students do they graduate compared to how many the start out with.
    I understand that you probably want to get started in nursing school, but if your ultimate goal is to be a RN, I would hope that you would try to get into a RN program.
    There is a student in my cohort who was a LPN, she was given a skills test and knowledge test to see where they should place her at in our program, out of a 6 term program, the LPN started at term 2, so having paid that $25,000 and spending a year becoming a LPN didn't put her very far ahead. I understand that there are bridge programs, but the cost of a LPN and a bridge program are very expenisve. More so than the cost of going the CC route for the RN.
    Good Luck in whatever you decide.
  13. by   Amandamay
    Yes, an RN program would be best. Unfortunately, due to time & distance constraints I need to gain as much ground as I can in the next year and the only way to do so is a 14-16 month LPN program with one my local the trade schools. Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement, it's much appreciated.
  14. by   wyomtorlpn
    Hi ivanna:
    I am so intrigued by your reply here:

    "There is a student in my cohort who was a LPN, she was given a skills test and knowledge test to see where they should place her at in our program, out of a 6 term program, the LPN started at term 2, so having paid that $25,000 and spending a year becoming a LPN didn't put her very far ahead."

    What RN program is it that you can place into a specific term? Does this mean that she skipped the first two quarters of the Associate Degree RN program and just started on the 3rd quarter? I didn't know that we had anything like this in I am eager to hear about this.

    She was a working LPN for a year before she was accepted into the RN program, right? Did she have hospital/nursing home experience or office nurse experience?

    Thanks in advance for the information.