Pre-Nursing students at CCs towards BSN!

  1. Hi
    I am doing my nusing pre-reqs in a CC. I'm from Cali and just moved to Portland, OR.
    I really like nursing. I've been surrounded by nurses in my family and chose it eventually as my major.
    Does anyone know any good BSN programs in the west coast?
    I'm looking at OHSU and UofP here and maybe some CSUs back in Cali.
    Still not sure. I'm considering factors of competitiveness, impaction, financial aid, residency, and nclex passing rates.
    Does anyone in the same situation as I am have the same plans?
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  3. by   LoveMyBugs
    Apply to any and all schools you would be interested in attending and then see if you can get into any of them, if you get into more than one then you can choose, but getting into nursing school is very competive.
    The CC are very competive, look at the threads here for Oregon nursing students, the nursing school that I went to had over 1000 applicants and takes 100 for the cohort.
    OHSU and Uof P may be less competive, but they cost more, and with the majority of CC being part of Nursing Consortium even going to a community college can result in a BSN.
    NCLEX passing rates for all Oregon schools can be found on the OSBN website
  4. by   claireclaire
    Thank you LoveMyBugs!
    and I've chosen OHSU and UofP cuz of their passing rates too.
    and it's close to home. but I'm not considering getting into CCs for now, it might be a plan B. I have two more years to complete prereqs for both schools so I'm studying like crazy. anyway thank you again!
  5. by   jimithing112
    Hey Claire - Don't totally rule out the CCs. Look up the OCNE program -- you can get your BSN from OHSU and do 2 of the 3 years at a CC. It's the same curriculum. Clackamas has a great program -- small class sizes of 40 and a brand new facility.

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