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I didn't see a thread.....although it is quite early yet for some to be thinking about the upcoming application session. I am a senior at Marylhurst/PCC, will be graduating Spring 2013 and applying... Read More

  1. by   ecable
    Hi Hannah - My understanding is that they do conduct interviews around the 2nd week of February. I am not sure if they will call or e-mail to schedule those. I think in previous years they have called. I interview pretty well, so I am hoping that if I get called in for an interview, that will be a chance to shine.What is your background? This will be a major career change for me.
  2. by   hannahzp
    Hey Erin,
    Did you receive anything regarding the status of your application? I submitted mine in late December but haven't heard anything yet. My background is a bachelors degree in psychology. I have worked in a hospital for 4 years doing administrative work. I also have volunteer experience working with children with autism and various behavioral disorders. I also volunteer in the PACU at a hospital. So I don't have any direct mental health or patient care experience but definitely relevant experience. What about you?
  3. by   wroblow
    has anyone seen their transcripts show up as received online yet? I keep checking my account and it still shows they weren't received.
  4. by   hannahzp
    My account also says my transcripts have not yet been received. I'm assuming it just takes them a while to process all of the paperwork.
  5. by   ecable
    Hannah - I didn't get an e-mail or anything after I submitted mine online, but when I first made my login for the system many months ago, I got an automatic message about the deadline, etc. When I log on to the site now, I see that my applications are entered as being processed (I applied for the PMHNP program and the ABSN). When I click on the individual applications that have been processed, the links take me to a site where dates have been recorded for each piece of the application, and @wroblow, there are dates entered for the transcripts I sent with my packet so I know they received everything. I have no experience in the health field really at all. I am about to become a volunteer at OHSU in the Oncology and Cardiac units, though. I just left a successful career in the music business because this was something I wanted to do so badly. I am hoping that they will be selecting from a diverse pool, wanting people with different points of view. I hope it doesn't count against me that I don't have the experience. We shall see!
  6. by   rnalwaysontherun
    it doesn't show my applicants as received, but I do remember them saying in the email they sent that it may take a while for them to process them. I guess that's 500+ application packets to go through, and considering we don't hear back until April, I'm also guessing they also are not in any hurry quite yet.
  7. by   sugarmagnolia77
    Quote from wroblow
    I work in the biochemistry department coordinating two graduate programs and I also do grants and contracts for my department and regenerative medicine. I volunteer as a research assistant on a psych study through the CDRC and have been shadowing a nurse practitioner at the Richmond Clinic as well. Letters of recommendation would have been great and I think they are extremely helpful as you often have amazing candidates who are not good at "promoting" themselves. In fact, I think those are usually the people you WANT in programs. I sit in on meetings for faculty and student recruitment so I've seen this process first hand and can't imagine selecting people without reference letters. I am one of those people who is bad at selling myself on paper. I like to let my actions speak to my character, so my essay was more of a list of what I've done and less of an intriguing life saga, which is why I'm not super hopeful of my chances of getting selected.

    I think they are looking for people who have been around the clinical side of healthcare, since it can be daunting and is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. So I guess that working or volunteering at OHSU would give us some advantage, although working/volunteering with another institution would probably be looked at equally.

    This is a numbers game really. They have well qualified candidates every year and not enough spaces for all of them. I will be sad if I don't get in, but I also know that everyone who does get in deserves it
    Well, my essay was not an intriguing life story either. More of my career journey which also addressed all of the essay points. I'd love to share my essay with you if you're interested.

    My main concern is my undergraduate GPA. We will see. My master's and recent coursework has been outstanding so I'm hoping they see my efforts. I'm trying not to worry about it too much. I will just reapply if I don't get in.
  8. by   mamakac
    I also have been checking my account for the status on my application and have not seen any changes-- but as others have mentioned, with over 500 applications it can take some time (and it doesn't matter when you submitted yours, they check them in randomly, not by submission date)

    I will also say that I have heard that the past several years that OHSU is very slow in the admissions process and that acceptance letters have come about a month later than the orginal stated date-- so don't be too anxious for the first of April!

    I am also applying to the the traditional 3 year program at OHSU, PCC, CCC, Mt.Hood, Linfields programs, and U of P. I feel that with a strong 4.0 in my prereqs and a 3.9 overall that I should get in somewhere-- but the ABSN is my first, top choice by *far*

    Is it April yet?!?
  9. by   dkmamato3
    Yes ... April is so far away! I will be happy once they update the status so at least I will know that they have everything they need.
  10. by   jax67
    hi everyone -
    i also applied to OHSU's ABSN program for summer 2013 entry. i turned in my application materials in late Dec (about a week before christmas) and the dates have been posted on my online application for transcripts received. i don't know if they just process applications as they go or do something different. either way, i can't WAIT for april!
  11. by   rylin86
    Hello Hello! I just stumbled across this thread! I also applied to the Accelerated BSN program for this summer. It's nice to know that there are others out there in the same boat! I hate the waiting game, pretty much all the schools I applied to have at least an 8 week waiting period, it makes me so nervous :-( I'm keeping my fingers, toes, legs... (whatever it takes) crossed!
  12. by   sugarmagnolia77
    Quote from wroblow
    has anyone seen their transcripts show up as received online yet? I keep checking my account and it still shows they weren't received.
    Mine are showing as received. I ordered them to be sent to OHSU in October though...
  13. by   wroblow
    thanks for the replies about transcripts. I turned mine in January 3rd, so maybe they're just processing them in the order received.

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