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  1. Hello I currently just finished nursing school and planning to move to Portland. I really don't know anyone and don't know much about it except it is a very beautiful city to live. I was thinking about applying for the residency programs at one of the local hospitals and unsure of which one has the best reputation and which one I would most likely be hired in coming from another state. Also I would like to know a little about what areas of the city are nice to live but yet affordable? Last question is would I be able to afford to buy a house in Portland on RN wages? Thats it! Thanks for everyones input
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    I work in LTC and have been for 8 years I need a definate change and want to get into the hospital.
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    I guess no one has any advice! Thanks
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    I kind of recall some mention of jobs in Portland on the thread "need help finding a job" by screen nae joebob which as been going around the past few days. As I recall, the OP stated he was planning on moving to Portland. Those who responded made comments along the line that jobs are hard to come by in Portland. They may have said some specific things about the hosp there. Worth a look see. I have found lots of times, you find interesting/useful tidbits within threads whose titles don't suggest that topic.
    Hope somebody can give you some info now. Good luck.
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    There are tons of Nursing jobs available. You could try the Providence Health Systemweb sight, or Legacy Health System Web sight, there is also Adventist and Tuality Hospitals, and the VA. Depending on what specialty. LTC is always in need of good nurses. Tons of LTCs in the area. I prefer to live in the suburbs since apartments are much cheaper if you are willing to commute a little.
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    Hi Curlynurse,

    Send me a PM through Allnurses!

    I've got a suggestion for you, or at least a place you need to check out. Gorgeous......

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    Sis clear some space in your mailbox then I can send u a private message
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