Looking into ALL nursing schools..Advice, please?

  1. Finished all of my pre-req's at Chemeketa and had a close to perfect score on my Fall2011 nursing application and didn't get in. (I had perfect score, but missed 1 point on my essay)

    Next year I am planning on applying at multiple schools, and I need advice! What schools have good programs, what schools have shorter waiting lists, What schools do I have a shot of getting into this year? Any advice would help, thanks

    My pre-nursing GPA is a 3.7, but my overall is a little lower due to changing majors/freshman year shinnanigans.
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  3. by   kamaboko
    You can put whatever value you like on my comments given that I got into PCC, but declined and dropped out of nursing all together.

    Do you have any volunteer time on record? That might be your best bet and/or take over whatever classes you didn't get A's in. I know the latter stinks, but it's crazy competitive.

    I take it you don't have a 4yr degree yet. I think something like 40% or more of the PCC nursing students have a BA/BS. That helps.

    How about a CNA cert? Do you have one of those? That's always good for a point, and more if you have CNA work experience.
  4. by   darling2014
    Is moving an option? It sounds like you were really close, I'm sorry you didn't get in.
  5. by   NurseToBe3
    I've heard PCC is crazy competitive! MHCC was competitive, but not as bad. My GPA was about what yours is. I did have my CNA and a few discretionary points. They interviewed people down to (I think) 46 points this year. Also, Clark is MUCH easier to get into if you dont mind a drive. They have an Oct. 1st deadline that VERY few people apply for because they don't know about it. (They also have an April 1st deadline if you don't quite have everything done, but there are a lot more apps) You do have to have all your prereqs completed, but you can have quite a few B's and still get in. They seem to be a little more cut and dry. Check out their website if that might work for you. I know how frustrating it is to work your tail off and then not get in. You will make it thought!! Good luck! Hope this helps!

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