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I was on the Oregon Board of Nursing page today and I saw that ITT Tech in Portland has been granted "initial approval" for an Associates in Nursing program!!! I called ITT to get more information,... Read More

  1. by   nurse 2b89
    i just want to know of any itt tech graduates if they were able to find jobs?
  2. by   nurse 2b89
    anyone thinking of going to the itt tech in fortmyers?
  3. by   scv77
    im thinking of going to itt in fort myers fl. any advice
  4. by   Romeo1821
    Registered at itt tech for the RN program.Passed the HESI on the second try. Im really nervous about this school because of all the negative feedback ive recieved. I dont want to invest 40k+ on a program that i wont be able to learn anything to past the N-CLEX. Anyone have any feedback?
  5. by   pjcna27
    i talk to one of the students and she said that she loves it eventhough its exspendsive as hell she loves it. Three time a week 9- 130p M, W fridays 130pm -6pm they go though all the hosptials around the school, naples, lee and charlet county area. I fail the first time on the hesi study my ass off and going back again for it
  6. by   pjcna27
    Quote from scv77
    im thinking of going to itt in fort myers fl. any advice
    just go with it, its small but there's no waiting list they take student every quarter for the nursing.
  7. by   Brittney154
    I'm looking at starting ITT nursing program. How are you liking it?
  8. by   my3blessings
    Brittney, where are you located?
  9. by   Brittney154
    I'd be going to the one in Portland, oregon
  10. by   Recruiter Bob
    Wanted to make a few points to everyone. I am not sure why there is so much negative feelings toward ITT Tech. I saw a poster make statement that "ITT Tech grads must pass the same tests to become certified and receive their RN license as everyone else" and that is totally true. I saw another poster state "they had a friend in recruiting that stated employers say stay away from ITT Tech grads or Corporate school grads" now I am know that one is not true. I own a national executive recruiting firm and in the 20 years I have owned my company, and been doing recruiting in the medical field, not once has any of my client companies ever said to me or any of my recruiters, I need an RN but not from ITT Tech or a corporate school. They are concerned with having the needed license (RN,LPN) and experience of the applicant, period.

    Yes, there may be certain companies that will not consider Corporate school applicants, but by and large they are welcomed just as any other Nurse. In addition many have questioned why go to such a school it is so much more expensive. Plain and simple answer there. They just don't want to or cannot wait to get into traditional college programs or community college programs with waiting lists of over 2 to 3 years. One poster stated these people go to Corporate college's because they don't want to face going to a University. Wrong again. Many have high GPA'S in high school and have previously attended college with exceptional grades. I spoke with an applicant the other day that was a grad from ITT Tech's Nursing program and she had switched schools from a major University with a 3.9 GPA, and I had her 5 job offers the next day from large hospitals.

    I just think that before you go thinking a program is not up to par because of what a few people may say or think, you should be more open minded and weigh all the facts.

    Everyone have a great day!!!!!!
  11. by   bevtag
    As with any school, do your homework and call your Board of Nursing. ITT is based in Indiana so you might want to call the Indiana Board of Nursing. Before you commit to any school or any field of study, do your homework. Don't depend on faceless people (like me) on the internet. For me, ITT was great, but I know a girl who hated it. We're each different and have our own needs and learning styles.
  12. by   Dedeb
    I am new to this site and fresh out of high school . My goal is to become a RN. I want to know ifthe itt tech program is a good school for me. Please help !
  13. by   CuriousMe
    Quote from Dedeb
    I am new to this site and fresh out of high school . My goal is to become a RN. I want to know ifthe itt tech program is a good school for me. Please help !
    No one but you can say if any school is good for you. ITT Tech is very expensive (it's associate degree costs more than my bachelors degree did), and it's credits are not nearly as readily accepted as transfer credits by other schools when compared to a community college or state university (which could mean that if you were to continue your education, you'd have to take --and pay for-- a lot of general education classes again). It is easier to get into though. Only you can balance out the negatives and positives.

    Is there a reason you're leaning toward ITT Tech vs. a Community College?