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Hi everyone, So the deadline to dispute your points was this last Friday at 5:00 pm. I am hoping they send the interview letters out ASAP (like tomorrow) considering we have to schedule them... Read More

  1. by   nwjet
    I agree. The questions were really pretty straightforward. Of course it seemed like the minute I finished answering, other things would flood into my mind that I wish I would've added.
    The only thing I wish would have been just a little different related to the written portion. I wish I had a couple of extra minutes for that section because I had the hardest time finding the location of the silly delete key (which I use a lot) on those laptops. Oh well, I'll just cross my fingers and hope it was enough.
    BTW, if anyone is interested, I'd logged onto the interview signup page at about 7:25 yesterday morning and it looks like they had 99 people sign up for interviews.

    As always, good luck to all.
  2. by   zinger4
    I also had an interview today at CCC. Does anyone know when we might get the results? I got into MHCC for winter. I wonder if anyone was with me. I was in a white jacket. (for both) I am really excited but I can't wait to just know where I am going. CCC is very close and starts in the fall. Mt Hood really had a wonderful interview process. I also looked for the delete key. HeHe
    Any thoughts?
  3. by   zinger4
    tejon, were you with me today? I was in a white jacket?
  4. by   nwjet
    Hi Zinger - When my interview was over I asked when we should expect results and the instructors told us that they plan on having the letters out "around" Wednesday the 3rd. I interviewed on Wednesday in the one o'clock session and I don't think you were in my group. Sounds like we're in the same boat as far as the CCC/MHCC thing! I'd really prefer CCC since it's only about 15 minutes from my house verses the 45 minutes for MHCC. Best of luck to you!
  5. by   zinger4
    wow! Letter by Wednesday is great. My other issue is that i am interested in the operating room and someone told me that Mt hood is the school for that. I need to talk to some people if i get a choice. I usually can read people but I have no idea how i did at CCC.
  6. by   nwjet
    Just so I'm clear, they said they'd get the letters out "around" Wednesday so that means we probably won't see them until Friday or Saturday.
  7. by   tejon
    I don't know - the last set of letters were sent out on the 21st and I got mine the same day, while pretty much everyone else I know got theirs the next day, so it should be pretty soon after they're sent out.

    I interviewed on Wednesday at 10:00 - I was wearing a raspberry jacket with 3/4 sleeves and brown pants and have shorter blonde hair in case anyone interviewed with me :-)
  8. by   zinger4
    I will get mine around Thursday then if they do send it Wednesday. I am just glad all the interviews are over!
  9. by   nwjet
    Looks like the letters are out early as I just got mine. I'm in! I've got my fingers crossed for all of you. I'll watch for your replies and hopefully we'll all be meeting at orientation!
  10. by   Tinker Bell RN
  11. by   cppatCCC
    I got in also : ) I am so excited and relieved, CCC was the only place I wanted to go and the only place I applied!
  12. by   tejon
    I got in, too!!! I only applied at CCC, so I'm thrilled :-)
  13. by   dailybungalow
    I am in also. I applied to Clark, but really wanted to go to Clackamas. Congrats and see you at orientation!