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    Hi Suzzane! thanks for your reply. Do u know what website should I visit for the board of nursing in district of Columbia? maybe it can help me find some information for the application of NCLEX. How can I get the application to be filled up by my school and for the verification of the license to be mailed by them? for the approval of my credentials. Im still in the process of my visa screen. Regrding the CGFNS certificate, should I get a new copy from the CGFNS?
    You are such a great help for us especially to all the nurses who needed some information to all our questions. Godbless!

    First, there is not an application in the normal sense of the word for NCLEX. You need to go to and pay for the exam, just like you were purchasing something on-line. $200 payment and you are all set. But I would not do this until you have received notification that the Board of Nursing has received and approved of your documents. As soon as you do, then submit the funds, as you will only have 90 days once the ATT is issued to actually take the exam.

    Are you actually going to be working in Washington DC proper, or one fo the surrounding states?

    You just need to make a copy of the Certificate that you have for CGFNS, if it is just a copy of the original that they want to see.

    I just used Yahoo Search and put in "Washington DC Board of Nursing" and immediately got their site with the application and all of their requirements.