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Hi there, I'm in my fourth term of pre-requisites for Nursing at PCC. So far I'm carrying a 4.0 GPA including an A in cell biology. I'm in A&P and I'm having to face the possibility that I may... Read More

  1. by   Bent
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    PMFB-RN: We should all move to Wisconsin. Getting into the RN program at community colleges is very competitive here in Oregon. KMDGuy: Sara Lyon doesn't have very good ratings on Rate My Professors - Find and rate your professor, campus and more -

    No kidding? People actually still look at RMP?? That's like a relic website, lol. The last time I looked was probably early last year (around March, I think)? Can't believe anyone would still bother lookin' on that website.
    I do still look on RMP if it's a professor I haven't heard of before and because people still post there. Although you sort of have to gauge for yourself on the type of comments that people post. Is there a different website that offers the same or similar?
  2. by   monkeyduty
    Quote from vegas2009

    I do still look on RMP if it's a professor I haven't heard of before and because people still post there. Although you sort of have to gauge for yourself on the type of comments that people post. Is there a different website that offers the same or similar?

    I still look at it too. It's nice to have an idea of what type of professor you will have. I'd be curious to know if there is another website that other people use.
  3. by   deasiac
    I always use it. That was how I picked my A & P teacher. I had sandy for BI 112 and I loved her. I had Merkes for A & P and she was the best teacher I ever had. Her tests weren't easy but you knew exactly what was expected of you. Insteead of power points she gave you a lecture outline and left room for you to take notes and everthing that she lectured on. She also took into account that people were taking notes so she lectured in a way that you had time to write and draw pictures.
  4. by   LilaOR
    Hi kmdguy,

    Don't feel alone with the prospect of getting a B in A&P at PCC. Please note on their guide (and ONLY theirs), that they give one extra point for a B in 231, because they know it's harder than in similar programs. One instructor (I am not sure we can name names on here) teaches at PSU and said it's an easier class the one he teaches at PCC.
    Ratemyprofs is still a great site! I know everybody is different, but when there is a general consensus about an instructor, it's worth taking into consideration. If people hate the instructor because they let them out of class 20 minutes early everytime, well, that doesn't make an instructor bad. That type of stuff is easy to see through.
    As for the possible B, I also was a 4.0 student and never had a problem like I did in those classes at the same school. I don't think I am allowed to into details on here, so let's just say if I had it to do again, I would head out to Gresham or Clackamas. As fast as I could. And I would not stop or look back.
    I have already mention this in a post today and I don't sell the product, but check out a smartpen. I swear that thing saved me in A&P and Micro.
    I applied this year and I didn't have a 4.0. I was accepted into two 4-yr programs and have an interview for a CC program. PCC has been the only one to reject me so far. I think they may be looking at the 4.0's just to narrow down the field. They had 1005 applicants this year. But my point is, you can still get into a good school.
    I also have my own company that is not in the medical field, so I had to get experience by volunteering. I wouldn't wait until the last 3-6 months before applying. I would start and spread it out over whatever time you have left. Caregiving, hospice, heart association, juvenile diabetes, etc.
    I hope that encourages you because I know I freaked out at that first B and felt totally doomed. And you'll probably end up with A anyway!

  5. by   2010_student
    I think, if you are applying to ONCE programs, you should take a look at the points distribution, and see where you stand. GPA is very important. I have a 4.0 from the classes I am taking currently, but I am using some classes I took doing a previous degree, meaning that my GPA is more like a 3.9. I got interviews at PCC, and Mt. Hood. We'll see how they go. At Pcc you gat lots of points for CNA exp., taking classes at PCC, finishing all your pre-recs., etc. Don't feel too frustrated.
  6. by   CuriousMe
    Quote from kmdguy
    I'm in A&P I at this point. I have no prior college degree and have spent the last 20 years as the CEO of a software company shortly after high school. 2 years ago that came to an end and I decided I wanted to reinvent my life anyway rather than pursue continuing in the business world. I could probably get a CNA, but there is no way that I have the time to devote to working as a CNA because I am in school full time trying to knock out all my pre-reqs so that I can apply this time next year to the OCNE schools. So my only life experience is running a company. On the surface that doesn't sound like it bodes well since I have no other significant medical-related work history correct?
    Another option to consider is to apply directly to OHSU. Unlike the community colleges, you submit your proctored essay along with your application. Don't think that because you were in a different industry you don't have anything relevant to talk about in your essay. I also came from a technology career, and I spoke about my customer service, teaching, and problem solving skills. Most of my class didn't have their CNA, or any real "health care" experience....but most of them had a lot of life experience. I'm no where near the oldest in my class, and I'd say the majority of my class is closer to my age than traditional college age.

    Do the best you can in your pre-reqs and then make the most of your essay!
  7. by   Code55
    Wow, acceptance into a nursing school has change a bit since I went to nursing school more than 10 years ago. I think with the volumes of folks applying, somehow they have to trim the field, even though sometimes it may seen not fair. Figure out what they want and perform the preparation well as you can. Make it a full time job!

    I had zero medical experience prior to nursing school but had a previous associates degree and over 10 years of life experiences. GPA was probably 3.5 or so at that time. Prereques were 3.8 including 4.0 in A&P. A&P separates the men from the boys or you know...for the ladies. Of course at that time the popularity of nursing schools wasn't like it is now. We started out with 38 students or so in our nursing class and graduated about 20. Go figure... Nursing school was probably one of the toughest challenges I've ever experienced. Today, after working as an RN for over 10 years, I still have not found anything more difficult as nursing school. Its like boot camp, how bad do you really want something? Nursing is academic, physical and very mental. I think sometimes today, getting into nursing school is probably compared to getting into medical school.

    It doesn't get much easier once you are accepted to successfully graduate from nursing school. It only gets easier once you have a license. Bottom line, apply to as many schools as possible and study your asssssss off! Eat, breath, and sleep nursing. Learn to take tests and don't give up!

    I hope that helps and good luck!
  8. by   taz5869, RNC-OB
    If it helps at all, I was accepted into Linfield with a 3.7 cumulative GPA. I do have a B.A. degree in education, so I have a lot of credits under my belt. (Wish I had been a better student when I started college at 16 :-P)

    Anyway, I actually ended up with a B in 232... the only pre-req that I had a B in. So, B's aren't the end of the world... it still is possible. But, as Monkey said, essays are key.

    Good luck! I agree with Bent that 231 is tough because it's all new and I had NEVER had to put even 1/4 as much time/effort into a class in all of my previous years and it was a huge adjustment. But, that being said, 232 was by far the hardest of the three for me.