Anyone Hear From MT Hood?

  1. They should be sending letters out soon.
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  3. by   Tinker Bell RN
    They said they are sending the letters out by the 22nd - today - so I suspect we get them Monday? I can't wait!!!
  4. by   tb_pdx
    I just got my letter and I start Winter Term! Good luck to everyone!:wink2:
  5. by   wyomtorlpn
    I got my letter too, and I start Winter Term too. My friend got in as well and she starts fall quarter! Woo-hoo, I am stoked!! Plus it will make someones day who wanted into PCC as I will call them tomorrow and give them regrets. So, bonus for TWO people.
  6. by   Tinker Bell RN
    I got my letter Saturday morning and was accepted for Fall Term. I can't believe after all this hard work it's finally real! I am still waiting to hear from Clark though because they are my first choice. Either way I am so happy! Congrats everyone!
  7. by   deasiac
    Tinker bell,
    First off congratulations. I am waiting to hear from clark also. I am curious why it is your first choice, do you live near by? If you hear anything let us know and I'll do the same.
  8. by   Tinker Bell RN

    Thank you! Clark is my first choice for two reasons. One is financial, they start in January and I got picked for Fall for MHCC. While I want to start as soon as possible for my own sake, since I will be losing my income when I quit to start school, my husband and I would prefer if I started a little bit later to save more money. Second, I don't know if this sounds cheesy or not, but every time I have talked to Clark, they have been so nice and helpful. I have talked to other schools who weren't like that, and when I talked to people at Clark I just felt very welcomed. I guess I am a little old fashioned in that sense, even though I am only 26 I don't know some people may not agree but that's another one of my reasons. I do have a friend that went to Clark and really liked it. I don't know anyone who went to MHCC although I have heard it is a great school. Oh - and location - I live in Beaverton/Tanasbourne so really both schools are a bit of a drive for me, so that's not really a factor!

    Let me know when you hear from Clark as well!
  9. by   Spotty44
    Congrats to everyone that will be starting at Mt. Hood! It will be nice to see some new faces around there!
  10. by   grapeoochola
    Hey to all those students who have already started fall term.. how do you like the program? I have heard terrible things about some programs, I may start in the winter at Mt. Hood and would love to hear how its going, let me know!!
  11. by   wyomtorlpn
    May attend? Does this mean that you haven't decided yet?
    I am friends with a girl who started in the fall and she is very happy. Its all she expected and is still excited about the program overall.
    I start Winter and am excited too.
  12. by   grapeoochola
    No I was an alternate student. I actually just got the call, I am accepted, so I think I will be attending winter term as well! Do you know from your friend already in it if there is community service that you have to do, or how case studies and tests are? I got the impression the staff was really helpful and nice there, do you think that is true too?? Anything I can find out before hand I want to because I have some other options if I don't go here, but its where I wanted to go! thanks!
  13. by   lilwbprincess
    grapeoochola -
    hi there - i went to MHCC and graduated in 2006. i loved the program. i should note that when i went through, it wasn't OCNE like it is now, so i can't speak for that part of it.
    the instructors are great - very helpful and knowledgeable. it was 6 terms and the 1st 2 terms were spent in LTC clinical. term 3 was OB and peds (for me, not everyone did peds). terms 4,5,6 were all med/surg with term 6 being your senior practicum.
    as far as tests go, it seemed like we had at least 3 exams per class and then a comprehensive final. and be prepared to write nursing care plans i have not written one since school ended...
    no community service, just clinicals. there were a couple opportunities to volunteer with local schools and provide vision screens and stuff, but nothing required.
    hope that helps and good luck and congrats!