Acceptance to the Linfield Portland Program

  1. So the acceptance letters for the Linfield Portland program are coming out soon. Do the acceptance letters for this program come in a big or small envelope?
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  3. by   fuzzybuddyRN
    When I got mine in March or April of 2008, it was a big envelope.
  4. by   apdxstudent
    Big! Good luck.
  5. by   Flobeast
    Big envelope from Linfield this year (2010).
  6. by   aymers14
    Did you get your acceptance letter already? Did you apply for the accelerated program or the normal fall, spring cohort?
  7. by   dharmawalk
    Acceptance comes in a big envelope - Mine arrived on Saturday for the Regular cohort with a Spring Start.

    Good Luck!
  8. by   aymers14
    What was your gpa like for acceptance?
  9. by   dharmawalk
    4.0 - but I don't want to perpetuate the myth that you have to have that to get in. Multiple reps from different programs have said that there are some students with high B averages that are better qualified in other ways- Linfield and OHSU turn down multiple 4.0 averages every year.

    I have volunteer work, industry experience, management experience and my goal is a masters so I can teach- so those things all come into play as well.

    My first choice school is Clark/WSU but if I get in to the PCC/OCNE program that is where I will go since i live close and will graduate BSN at the same time as I would Linfield but with about 1/3 the debt.
  10. by   WildcatJen
    I didn't have a 4.0 but I have a high GPA, community service, and a well-rounded background. Dharmawalk, I wonder how you figured you will finish at the same time as PCC/OCNE? Linfield is a 21 month program, and PCC/OCNE is three years. I haven't made my decision yet, but am super excited and thrilled to have the opportunity to attend Linfield's fall cohort. Maybe we will see each other soon?!
    Congrats to the others accepted to Linfield!
  11. by   Flobeast
    Hi all,

    I got accepted to the Summer 2010 accelerated BSN cohort. They mailed my letter out around March 26, and I two of my friends got denial letters around April 6. I had a 3.88 prereq GPA, volunteer, teaching, and travel experiences.
    Linfield also just sent me a package describing all the health stuff we have to take care of before starting classes, like full physical, proof of immunizations, CPR certification, etc. Busy busy time.
    Can't wait to start! See any of you soon in June.

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