Oregon Nurses in Recovery


Hi, just looking for other nurses in Oregon that are currently in recovery; currently in the Portland area myself. Trying to build a good support system. Thanks

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Hi DRossy:

Not in OR, but, just wanted to tell you to hang in there! I am a recovering nurse as well (12.5 years). I live in Texas, as we do not have Nurse support groups here (in my city). Hope you find someone to talk to in your area. It is so hard, wanting someone to talk to, but not having the resources!

Good luck and stay strong!


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Thanks, you too :)

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Hi there DRossy! I've been a nurse in recovery for over 23 years, in AZ (it was brought out squirming and kicking during the first 3 months of my career - fastest onset of addiction ever).

At the time we only had one nurse support group locally that met at a now many years defunct inpatient addiction treatment center's multipurpose room, but there were (and still are) multiple blended groups consisting of people with all sorts of careers available for the general population to partake in (my addiction predates the time before internet, so everything was conducted in person, and back then there was only one way: AA/NA, now there are a variety of ways to recover). Our nurse group even had RT's and an MD amongst our number because specific help groups in the early 1990's was hard to find. We banded together and watched each other's backs as best we could.

This online site may be of interest to you while you search for others in your area:

Nurse Support Group Support Groups Online | DailyStrength

It's not large, and I don't know much about it - but I intend to check it out myself.

I am fortunate that I have had a close relationship with my sponsor for > 20 years, and she is only a phone call away, as are many whom are still alive from my original group I began in 1993. Old friendships became a Godsend for me.

Perhaps your SBON may be able to reach out to some also in recovery in your area who may be willing to speak to you and provide some much needed support? Mine did when I first started, and I received calls from a few people who were happy to lend a hand and guidance. Check with the SBON in your area - I bet this will yield you good results.

Truly, there are so many of us in recovery undercover that you really can't even kick over a rock without a finding a few. Good luck, and momma hugs to you!