Oregon changes POLST form!


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Well, I think this is actually quite good for others than just Oregon Nurses to see! I am just so excited!

The POLST form, or Physicians Order for Life Sustaining Treatment, has better definitions, some new choices, and now can be faxed (before people had to be in the presence of an MD to sign, which detoured many!), and copies can now be given so facilities can keep their originals! Nurses can take verbal orders as well for POLST choices from an MD as well!

Also, for you paramedics out there, they are encouraging hard core for the POLST to be put in a special envelope on their fridges! (nice envelope as not to be morbid or a constant reminder of end of life issues! which also detoured many facilities, including mine, and other folks from keeping them in the open for EMS help!).

The definitions are so clear, and now we don't have to justify with relatives all the time about why we did what we did! I mean, can't tell you how many times I had to tell medics and family alike that they have to be PULSELESS and APNEC before I say stop! But I follow the B part as ordered!

Please check it out!!!!! http://www.ohsu.edu/ethics/polst/

It is awesome and so much better for us medics that teeter on choices when seconds count! And it protects us and patients rights!!!!!!

I encourage other states to check it out too! Very cool stuff and so helpful!!!!!! (and not to mention an up and coming idea that will be nationwide in time!).

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I'm for anything that makes things clearer than the original POLST form did......the old one was confusing, especially when the patient was DNR but wanted aggressive care up to that point.

Thanks for the info!

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Oh yeah..I will tell you...I was going through some POLSTS yesterday and saw someone that wants to be an organ donor, but wants NO treatment! Ummmmmm I think she may want to think the IV bit if she wants to donate after death..kinda need those organs not shrivled up like prunes from dehydration! LOL!!! Or perhaps saved from necrosis with no blood flow???

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