Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College (OCtech) Fall 2021 ADN and LPN

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Hey all! I’ll be applying to Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College’s ADN program for Fall 2021 and I’m super nervous. Has anyone else here applied or plan on applying? If so, let’s keep each other updated!! 

I’ll be applying with 52 points and all pre-reqs completed. I currently live in Richland County....I also put LPN as a secondary choice. 

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I applied for the LPN program. I’m nervous because I feel like I had low points. I think it was 27? I’m not a resident of Orangeburg but I did finish all my pre-nursing courses at midlands tech. I know it’s competitive but do you know how the acceptance rate is?I know it’s competitive but do you know how the acceptance rate is?

@KarlaC2021 I’m not a resident of Orangeburg either. I actually live in Columbia (Richland County). I applied for ADN with LPN as a secondary. I would really just be excited to be accepted into either one. When I did the HIP session I was told that they are accepting 50 for ADN Fall and 70 for LPN Fall. I’m super nervous as well! I think my anxiety is gonna be through the roof until June!

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That’s why I’m on here too LOL I’m extremely nervous! I dropped off my application on feb 5th and I didn’t realize that they would update us in June!! I try to be prepared before every semester and I know nursing will be different so right now I feel like I’m just doing nothing with my time.

@KarlaC2021 I was thinking that the application process was like a first come first served until all seats are filled type they so that’s why I was in such a hurry to submit mine...& now the waiting game begins!?we can keep each other updated on here in the mean time!

I’m applying when this semester ends and I am not a resident of orangeburg either. I’m at midlands tech currently 

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@Erica93 good luck!  I was soooo relieved when I finished! You’re almost there! 

Thanks! I think I’m gonna have like 25-27 points for LPN program (not even gonna bother ADN but was gonna work as an Lpn the second half anyways so guess it doesn’t matter) but I don’t even know if I’ll get in. GPA is good too but I’m very nervous ?  

@Erica93 it’s very nerve wrecking but don’t 2nd guess yourself!! I really believe that we got this girly!! 

I so hope so!!! You definitely do. With the points you have and all there’s no way you aren’t getting in. 

@KarlaC2021 @Erica93 Hey ladies! I hope all is going well! The application period closes tomorrow & I'm sooooooo nervous! I wonder how long it takes to hear something after the application period close? My nerves have been a wreck! LOL!

@marquia93 I am out I’m certain LOL one of my teachers didn’t round my 89.6 to an A. I lost 2 points I needed. I ended up having to drop a class. So I am only applying LPN with 19 points. 
Im taking a CNA class next month and that class I had to drop again. But, there’s just no way I’m getting in. I’m going to try just to say I did- but, regardless good luck to you ladies ? 

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