OR new grad interview coming up, HELP!

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What type of nursing related questions are they likely to ask in an OR new grad interview??? I feel prepared to answer general med/surg questions, but I've never been in the OR, so I'm worried they might ask something I'll not know. Any idea what the might ask????

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I think there are other threads on this topic that may help you out...just scroll through the titles.

Be honest, and give your gut feeling on any question. Prioritize before answering....is cleaning up blood more important than calling the blood bank?

Just go with the knowledge that you have, and apply it to the question asked. Think and prioritize before blurting out an answer.

Don't stress over the questions. If you absolutely don't know something, it's ok. I don't know, but maybe this.....could be better than nothing at all, or cleaning up the blood. (For example only...)

Good luck! :)

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