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I have recently graduated an LPN program and am interested in working in the OR. I see a lot of positions posted, but a lot of them require experience. How do you go about getting surgical experience or even learning more about surgery when you are a new graduate?

Right now, I have been studying surge tech books and some online resources. Also, are there any organizations geared toward LPNs in the OR, or even just nurses in general. The AORN seems to be RN oriented. It is very helpful, but I need something better suited to my needs in the present.

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I don't know why LPN programs tease us by taking us into the OR and other places that LPN's really aren't hired to work. It least in my area, I know that LPN's can't do OR work, barely any hospitals accept LPNS...some post day surgery units maybe...

A lot of places around me do hire lpns for OR. I just need to figure out what to do to land one of those jobs. Lol

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What state are you in shechose?

I guess it varies greatly on your location, but where I am in PA, barely any hospitals hire LPN's at all.

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I have worked in the OR as an LPN scrub for c-sections. In the state I live in now (Texas) it is required by law (as of Sept 1st) that the scrub role must be a Certified Surgical Technologist. Which means with one year experience you can be grandfathered in or you must graduate from an accredited program. My husband is a CST and I've noticed than some jobs list "CST or LVN with prior surgical experience and to meet the requirements to take the certification exam". The circulating role also has to be filled by an RN where I live. I hate to burst your bubble, but there is very little chance that you will get in the OR as an LPN with no prior surgical experience. If you are set on the OR you will probably need to go to Surgical Tech training or continue on to your RN.

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