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Can anyone brief me on RN position in this field? what to expect? what type of cases will they do over there?




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It must be in ENT speciality. Sinuscopy, tympanostomy, T &A's, etc. That's my 2 cents.



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eent is simply eyes, ears, nose, and throat.

it is hard to say with certainty but there should be a lot of different things like for

eyes; phacoemulsification and other types of iol replacements as well as retinal banding to blepharoplasty.

ears; myringotomy to tympanoplasty to inner ear procedures.

nose: deviated septum repair to endoscopic sinus surgery to a balloon sinuplasty http://www.entclinicofiowa.com/sinuplasty-balloon-sinuplasty-video.htm

throat: t&a to thyroidectomy to on rare occation something like zenker's diverticula. http://www.nature.com/gimo/contents/pt1/full/gimo41.html

to know for sure what they do, you should talk to someone that works at the facility.

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They also involve "Acoustic Neuroma" cases that are fairly long, and involve ENT surgeons and Neurosurgeons.

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