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     I have been an RN for thirty years and most of those years have been as a circulating/scrub nurse in various ORs (CVOR and General/Trauma/Transplant) around the US as either permanent or travel staff.  A few years ago, I was getting a little tired of the travel thing and took a position as a surgery nurse in a medium-sized, unionized, Level III hospital with 17 OR suites.  This particular hospital (probably like many now) uses a large contingent of travel nurses but our OR management waives their call requirement "it's not safe" or "if we require them to take call, we won't be able to attract any travelers"....what, huh?  Historically, I almost always took call as a traveler and this heavy call obligation is a HUGE dissatisfier for perm staff here.  Questions;  1) Has anyone heard of this crazy rationale?  As an experienced traveler, I was more than capable of taking call and often did!  2) Has anyone given up their permanent job to come back as a traveler at their same facility??  I don't really see any disincentives (more $, NO call, 3-12s, hospitals insurance and benefits are crap now anyway).  What say you?  Thanks all

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Usually the no travelers take call has more to do with the expense, although there are some travelers who will turn down contracts that don't exclude call. Considering the state of the workforce currently, I wouldn't be surprised if that's actually an increasing reason for contracts to be turned down.

As for leaving and coming back as a traveler at the same facility, there is likely a required waiting time before former staff is allowed back in. My facility, you cannot come in as a traveler or a vendor until you've been gone at least one year.