Opportunity knocks...but should I get it while it's hot???


I graduated from an ADN program June 2010, began my nursing career in September 2010 at a health and rehabilitation facility. It was definitely not my first choice, but being from a small rural school in coastal Oregon; I wasn't able to snag a hospital job when I moved to Portland! Ce la vis...

So fast forward to today, I am almost at my 1 year anniversary! Man has it zoomed by! In that year, I feel that I have gained invaluable experience with all aspects of clinical nursing as well as communication and problem solving. I even got Employee of the Month :)

My DNS approached me a couple of days ago and told me there was a promotional opportunity for me along the lines of a position they were naming "Lead RN". She praised me for my efforts over the past year and said that numerous staff had recommended me for the position. Currently, I am Charge Nurse on a 35 bed unit and work weekend doubles (that's Saturday and Sunday, 7am-11pm).

I have been trying to gather a list of pros and cons for the position, as it will involve more MD and family communication, more MD order entry, more leadership as far as supervising staff, and the hours are Monday-Friday 7am-3pm (oh and a raise of course!). My partner and I are both in healthcare and he works four 10 hour shifts, so at the present we have 3 days off together per week.

If I take on this opportunity for advancement, we will have NO days off together and I will most likely be minimizing my time actually being on the floor. (Forgot to mention that I would also be doing admission assessments, discharge planning, etc)

My questions to all of you (experienced or new grads) are...

1. If I take this position, am I sacrificing a vital growing period being on the floor doing clinical work?

2. If I don't take the position, am I passing up a great opportunity for growth in leadership that could look stellar on a resume?

My partner and I plan to move to Colorado next summer 2012, so if I do take the position, that gives me a solid 8 months in the position. After my 2 year mark as an RN, I plan to make my move into acute care, and then go back to school for my MSN (I have a bachelor's in Physiology already) and then eventually work my way to CRNA or FNP. I haven't decided that far ahead yet :)

Any advice is appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace and love.:redbeathe

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I say go for it !!! It may be a great career move for you in the long wrong. You and your partner will have plenty of time together in the long run, I'm sure. Its great opportunity.


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Hmmm...I don't see it really making much difference career wise if you are planning on an advanced degree anyway. You should probably make your decision based on how it will affect your finances and personal life.