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Opinions on Red Cross CNA Training


AlwaysLearning247, BSN

Has 6 years experience.

I did not take a CNA course with American Red Cross but I have heard its a good program. I challenged the CNA exam after my first semester in the RN program. I think the Red Cross program would be good because I had to go to a Red Cross center to become licensed, they will teach you everything the correct way. It definitely helps to be a CNA before becoming a nurse in terms of getting comfortable around patients in general. Good luck!


Specializes in M/S, pedi. Has 17 years experience.

I did the red cross CNA over 20 years ago and it was worth it. I did one year in LTC and then moved to a hospital. I can't recommend ARC enough.

I just completed the Red Cross CNA training a couple of weeks ago! My experience was a pretty positive one despite only 2/3 nursing instructors being competent, and the program schedule being somewhat disorganized. I met some friends for life who are in the same boat as I am, either applying to nursing school or already in nursing school. I just started applying to jobs, and on my first phone interview witha major Boston hospital I was asked where I did my training, and when I mentioned the Red Cross the recruiter responded with "oh good". I even made it to an in person interview for next week! Definitely do the program, you'll learn a bunch about basic nursing care, and they'll help you out if you need financial assistance with paying for the program.