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opinions please!

by zeynepasli zeynepasli (New) New

hi everyone!

I know that immigrant nurses have to take nclex test but i need find information or opinions that says; immigrant nurses doesnt need to take nclex test to work in USA.


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If you want to work in the states as an RN, you have to take the NCLEX and get your license. Check with some of your local schools. I have a few friends from the Phillipines that have to go to nursing school here because the classes they took at home were not equivalent to what is taken in the states.

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NCLEX is the national exam that all nurses are required to pass if they want to work as a nurse in the US. You can not be licensed by the state/s as a nurse without passing either PN/VN or RN

thx for reply, i know we have to take nclex even if we are immigrants, I need info about the positive side. I mean my friend will present against side about : immigrant nurses should not need to take nclex if they come in to the USA" but i will present the "for" which I have to say they dont need to take nclex test. so i need positive opinions.


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It would seem that your argument is a "moot point" since all of you have to take the exam. If you KNOW that you have to take it, then why bother arguing about it at all? I really don't understand, but good luck to you.

because my teacher wants me to argue with against side :D


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Well, I suppose you could always try the "if I have a practice permit in my home country why would I need to demonstrate a knowledge of safe nursing practice in my host country" argument. Kind of inferring that Americans are xenophobic by requiring newcomers to demonstrate a knowledge of their trade.