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Opinion on review question

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by NeosynephRN NeosynephRN (Member)

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I got a bunch of review questions, and I was wondering if you all would share your opinions on this one..it is paraphrased...but you get all the important info

As a nurse you are caring for a client with a different cultural background than yourself. What do you plan in the implementation of care?

2. get written info on the culture

3. ? patient on religious beliefs

4. Ask open ended ?'s

I think it is 4. 1 I tossed cause it was definately not always possible. 4 just seemed like the one that you would get the most and best info directly from the client. What do you think

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I think #4 is probably correct. The other two choices should have been done as part of the assessment process and before the development of any nursing interventions.

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