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Operating theatre employment

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Hi, thank you for reading, I am a Canadian citizen who spent most of my life (and trained) in Australia. We may be moving to Canada next year and I want to find out what job prospects are like for overseas trained Registered Nurses. I am an RN 4 (4 years experience post grad) I have 2.5 years experience in operating theatres as scrub/scout and I am currently working in theatres. I have a post graduate diploma in operating theatres and am wondering whT things are like in the Kitchener Waterloo area? I have found some jobs online but I would like to know the reality of how many people are getting jobs?

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Ontario's job market, for lack of a better word, sucks. Pretty much like the rest of Canada.

There are always OR jobs open due to working conditions. An OR nurse is expected to circulate and scrub.

Many health authorities are running courses for existing staff to take the post graduation certificate in OR nursing and doing internal recruiting for this. My authority runs the offer every couple of years for around 50 nurses in total. Other nurses choose to take the course and pay for it themselves.

You need to apply to College of Nurses in Ontario to have your education evaluated.

Many jobs aren't full time. Many times new nurses will start off as casuals with no guaranteed hours and work their way into part time and then into full time.

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Once you have your documentation in order with the CNO you could try contacting Grand River and St Mary's directly. Those are the two hospitals in Kitchener Waterloo. They may be able to give you an idea re: OR prospects.

However, you're looking at union positions and it's unlikely anyone will sponsor due to ongoing cuts and hiring freezes. ON has one of the worst job markets, and it's very probable that the OR nurses who aren't finding steady work in the GTA are commuting to Kitchener since it's an hour drive.

Thank you for your insight, I had read that it was bad but I didn't realise experienced nurses were struggling for work. Here in Australia we have a huge problem with our new graduates not finding employment but once you are RN2 and have a little experience it isn't too difficult.