When would you like your surgery to be scheduled?

  1. Just curious...
    We have several elective cases that end up being scheduled at 1600 or sometimes even later if we have a very busy day. If you were to have to have surgery, would you allow your surgeon to scedule you that late in the day, when he/she has obviously been up early doing rounds, and other surgeries and who knows what else. Do you think a surgeon is operating at 100% later in the day? Just wondering.
    I don't think I would want a Lap Chole done or anything elective that late, only if it were a true emergency and I might die if I didn't have the surgery. I wonder why people say "okay" when they are called and told that they are scheduled in the afternoon.
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    If my mom dad or I is having surgery, we are ALWAYS the very first case in the mornings. B\c around here the rest of the cases are delayed and delayed again and go 5-6 hours post-scheduled time.

  4. by   2ndCareerRN
    Anytime I have surgery, I will be the first case of the day.

    When my wife had open heart I made sure she was the first of the day, which was unnecessary, she was on the table for 7.5 hours and the surgeon had no more for the day.

    She is getting a pacer in a couple of weeks and will be the first case in the cath lab that day.

    I would not want a tired, frustrated, frazzled doc cutting on me later in the day.
    (Especially if it is payday!!)

  5. by   heartholder
    I have always schedule my elective surgeries as the first case of the day. and I always choose who I want in my room. one of the few perks of being an OR nurse!