what do i need to do?

  1. Hey Im claudia and i was just wondering what do i need to do, such as what to study and all, to become an O.R. nurse.
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  3. by   ortess1971
    Hi, Claudia. The first step is nursing school and you'll get exposure to various areas of nursing. Med/surg, peds, maternity etc. Most schools don't really have an OR rotation anymore, which is sad. You may get the oppourtunity to observe here and there. Once you are a nursing student, I would try to get a student nurse internship in the OR-this way, you get exposure to the OR and you become a familiar face to the staff, docs, and administration. They may even offer you a job when you are done with school. I would say try to get a job as a surg tech first, but many places don't train on the job anymore, and you'd have to go to school to learn to be one. My tech school was not cheap. As a matter of fact, My RN schooling was 4 times cheaper than my tech degree. So I would definitely recommend going right for the RN, especially since you're young. Good Luck!
  4. by   tessa_RN
    The thing that got me in the OR was doing a student externship at the hospital I am working at..I found out they were hiring 4 students and I put my application in..I was excited when they called.I worked 40 hrs a week during the summer and 20 hours a week during school and taking call..They hired me since I was the only student left out the of 4....The other 3, one lasted 1 week, the other a month, and the other 3 months...I think being an extern helped me out alot..I got to know the staff and the doctors....Im not a strange face anymore as a new nurse and that helps out alot..It takes time for everyone to get to know you..Plus I really had a year of scrub traning (while in school) and I am traning to circulate for 4-5 months..For me its better than trying to do it all in one years time..My school only had a 1 day rotation through the OR so in nursing school you really dont learn about the OR just the care after surgery..But being a surgical nurse so far is great.. Goodluck!