What are the hours like in OR

  1. Do you work 12 hr dayshift and emergency surgery at night? I hear you're also on call on some days. Do your weekends too?
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  3. by   kyti
    It depends on wether you are at a level 1 facility where they staff 24 hours or at a smaller facitity where they only staff during the day. Where I work the OR staff works 7-3:30 m-f, with a crew on call during off hours. They are on call every 7th weekend and approx 5 days during the month. If we are not done with scheduled cases at the end of the day the call crew stays till we are done. The pacu works the same way only we are scheduled until 1730.
  4. by   jazznkate
    thanks Kyti for responding. May I ask you what you mean by level I, level II,etc.
  5. by   CIRQL8
    Hours will vary greatly from place to place.

    We are staffed with working teams 24/7/365 (366 leap years!). We have two call teams on evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. We offer 8, 10, and 12 hour shifts and have full and part time staff. As long as the hours are covered adequately, management pretty well lets us self-schedule.
  6. by   kyti
    Quote from jazznkate
    thanks Kyti for responding. May I ask you what you mean by level I, level II,etc.
    Level 1 is your major teaching trauma center, they have all specialties and staff 24/7. We are level 3 because we do not have a neurosurgeon.
  7. by   poopsiebear
    I work in a level 1 trauma center and we are staffed 24/day. Here's how we are staffed:

    Mon-Fri: Nurses generally work 8,10 or 12 hour shifts (7a-3p, 7a-5p, 7a-7p, 11a-11p, 3p-11p and 11p-7a). Techs work mainly 10 hour shifts (7a-5p). There's also relief shift, which is 10:30a-7p for us.

    On weekends and nights, we are staffed 2 rooms with 6 people on call (usually 2 RNs, 2 techs, 1 heart and 1 liver call)

    I am on call once every 2 weeks, usually for 4 hours after my 12 hour shift, and I work 1 weekend every 2 months and 1 holiday a year.

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