To OR or Not to OR... That is the question.

  1. Hi, I have been in nursing for the last four years and have only managed to end up in the area of Skilled Nursing and Acute Rehab. I work in a hospital, and have put in for a xfer to OR as Surgery Nurse they will train. Nursing is a second career choice and I am 39 years old and wonder if 10 hour days four days a week is standard. I am to interview with the Director of Surgery tomorrow. I am just so bored with Skilled; I am Chargenurse and have every weekend off but have hardly any variety or new challenges. I wonder if OR nursing is where I should go. I do like my weekends off!!! Would appreciate your input. One thing I am used to is getting to work at 7:45. If I take the OR job I will need to be there no later than 6:45 AM. What do you think and what should I ask the Director and her staff? Thanks DOT
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  3. by   TXERRN
    I am an ER nurse who starts her first job as an OR nurse this coming Wednesday. You would think one wouldn't get bored in the ER, but I guess I have. I am looking forward to something new. I too have no experience in the OR and they are willing to train me. This is my third career at 32 and my last if I can help it. I chose outpatient surgery for the 8hr days with every weekend and holiday off. I was told that the main OR, in just about every hospital, does 10hr shifts. Why? I don't know. Most hospitals have their own weekend crews, at least the one I am going to does. I am not looking forward to being there at 0630 either.
    Good luck! Keep in touch. We can compare notes and give each other support through this rearranging of our nursing lives.

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  4. by   mud
    I have been in the OR for less than a yr. I already know that I love it to death!! Like anywhere, it has its' bad days too. There is so much to learn. Everybody thinks they are the only ones who can teach you things. You have to so a lot of smiling and nodding. It can be very frustrating at times. I don't mind the call. I am young, no kids as of yet, so I like it, and the money is great on call. You also learn the most on call. The chance for fulltime is good there too. There is always a shortage of staff. It also seems, that the gals, and guys (we have only one), have all been there forever, and are all going to be leaving together in the next few yrs....This is encouraging. I have worked geriatrics, psych, surg., and parmedical nursing. This is definitely different than anywhere else. I suggest at least a year. of surg. experience before the OR. It really has helped me. I am low enough in seniority, that I am unfortunately cancelled fairly often, I then go back the the floors, or wherever alse I am needed, to pick up shifts. I don't mind this though, it keeps your hand in many thing, that yuou would otherwise not do in the OR. good luck