Those cool scrub caps... - page 2

There are tons of really cool looking scrub caps out there: tie dye, sports teams, shamrocks, etc. Will most ORs let you wear those, or do they generally insist on disposables for sterility... Read More

  1. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    You know if they sell them, some do buy them.

    $$$$ OR cap? Now that is so appropriate!
  2. by   JHRN2BE
    I am graduating next month and took an internship in the OR. Everyone there wears their own scrub caps. I bought like 10 of them since I won't be needing scrubs. Kim's Kaps has cool ones (not sure about men's). Deb's Hats has fun ones, too. They run anywhere from $9.99 - $12 or so.

    best of luck to you!!

  3. by   JHRN2BE
    this website has incredibly cute caps!

    she just added some new ones RIGHT after I placed my order.