Stepping stones to becoming an OR nurse...

  1. I'm getting straight to the point. I am curious to know from all the Operating Room nurses out there, what were the steps that you made in order of landing a spot in the OR? Interested in hearing on the many different paths of one has taken to earn to work in the OR...also would love to hear your personal Do's and Don'ts of pursuing a career as an OR nurse for wannabee future OR nurses? Any insight will be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   NP Sam
    Because I am new I can only say how I got my job. I applied for an RN residency program and although it was implied I wanted the OR I did not actually state it. I began to get nervous about that so I called the recruiter and told her that I wanted the OR. She said she would forward it to the OR director. About a week after applying I got a call saying they would like to schedule an interview as soon as possible. I knew that this program was competitive so I tried to bring my A game. My first "interview" was with the recruiter. It was actually more like a conversation. She told me I was a very strong candidate and that I would LOVE their OR. My real interview came after touring the entire OR and meeting everyone we bump into along the way. Surprisingly, I was only asked three questions in the interview. The rest was about what I could expect during residency. For example, I will be learning how to scrub before circulating so I could be able to anticipate needs as a circulator. I will spend one month in every area so I can learn as many cases as possible. I interviewed on Friday and was offered job that Monday! Just remember that confidence and a good attitude is key. Sorry that I cannot tell you about the job itself... I still have a few weeks :/
  4. by   Beccarose
    I've been an operating room nurse for over 5 years. I was hired right after nursing school straight into the operating room. That was 5 years ago and I know the economy has changed a little and things are more competitive. The best advice I can give you is get your foot in the door. Apply for the preceptorship in the operating room, see if you can work in the operating room, maybe as an aid, transporter, etc? I did a preceptorship in the operating room, and got to meet all the employees as well as the managers. They really got to see my drive and interest in the operating room nursing, which helped when it came to the job opportunity. A few of my other coworkers, were aides, instrument techs, transporters, and scrub techs in the operating room. They went to nursing school, and when it came time for the job hiring for the operating room nurse, most of them were hired. If you want something bad enough and are willing to work hard for it, I think you will work in the operating room eventually, just don't give up
  5. by   Ilovethe80s
    I also went into the OR right after graduating nursing school. Just hit my 1 year mark in the OR and can't imagine being anywhere else. The college I went to offered a perioperative nursing course that was separate from the RN curriculum. The course was run by the surgical technologist program, which is lead by an RN First Assist. I took this course in the summer between my 3rd & 4th semester of nursing school. The course required I spend 160 clinical hours in the OR so that is where I got all of my face time with the employees and managers. I made a good enough impression that they told me they were interested in hiring me when I graduated, so right after graduation I began working in the OR. Perhaps the school you are going to offers the same program?
  6. by   ORTRAV
    I was a surgical technologist for 15 years before crrossing over to the dark side.