So what do you keep in your work locker? - page 2

I was wondering what all anyone keeps in their locker that they might recommend that would be a good idea?... Read More

  1. by   cnyrn
    about 5 years worth of in-services.
  2. by   joannep
    peanut butter?? Nah, its Vegemite for this Australian girl.
  3. by   Chaya
    I don't have a locker but my bag contains:
    -Black and red pens, pencils (supply is often sketchy, no pun intended)
    -bandage scissors, stethescope, hospital ID
    -toothbrush, hairbrush (sometimes doubleshift eve-noc)
    -tampons, breath mints
    -EKG reference manual and...
    -emergency chocolate!
  4. by   Ferret
    A toiletry bag for those times you have a REALLY grotty day, do you want to take it home or shower after you take those bloody scrubs off?

    Clean cloth caps (as colourful as I can find..) spare pens, electric razor and my theatre shoes when off duty.
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    aleve, tums and pepto bismal these days, along with some tampons and extra pens.....Wasn't always that way...USED to be love letters...Times they are a changing...
  6. by   DNRme
    Pics of my kids
  7. by   NeuroICURN
    I have hairspray, a drug and lab book, clipboard (that I never use), my bag that I actually carry into the unit (has all my pt sheets, pens, scissors, etc.), a bunch of old papers I keep meaning to organize, an instant oatmeal pack, a pad, a tampon and all the stuff that the girl I share with has.
  8. by   armyrn
    a coffee cup full of pens, coffee cup for coffee, case of CD's, box of powerbars, holster for scissors and oxygen key, toiletries (to shower up when i bike in), clean uniform, yellow reflective belt, boots, shower shoes, and a picture of my wife on the inside of the door. my locker is pretty big! :kiss