Should OR RN's be ACLS/PALS certified? - page 4

Ok, remembering that I work PACU my question occurs because out hospital has determined that it is unecessary for the OR nurses to take ACLS etc, except for BLS(basic life support) since there is an... Read More

  1. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    Our OR is small we are a district hospital. Our OR staff do not even start IV's. They are BCL only. The anesthetist does it all. We only have 3-4 rooms running a day. We only provide general surgery, ob/gyn, dentals, ortho and some uro. We do not have card/thoracic surgeon nor steady urologist or ENT.

    I feel that as a RN regardless of where you work, you should have ACLS. I like many of you on the board have worked many areas and most codes will go smoothly if you have people around that know what to do.


  2. by   sharann
    Ok, how about the OR open heart team nurses out there. Are you expected to have ACLS or is it the same as regular OR nurses?
  3. by   spidermonkey
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