1. Hello,
    I'm a nursing student now in the process of getting my BSN as a RN. I have a strong desire to work in the OR after graduation and i know that i will probably have to take a few other steps to get there. I'm really interested in becoming an RNFA but i'm unsure on how i can go about getting to that career goal. Are there programs i can take or credintials i need to have? And what type of experience should i be looking into? Any information would be very helpful!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Check out this site:

    CCI :: RNFA Programs

    It's more for certification as a CRNFA, but it has a list of approved programs, and you can probably get more info that way.
  4. by   mrsilly
    You need to get experience in the OR first before actually taking any RNFA courses. You also have to either qualify to take the CNOR exam or already have it. As far as I know, teaching hospitals do not use first assistants since there are residents and med students. Even if you work in a hospital that uses first assistants, you also have to find a surgeon who will precept you. I too, would like to pursue this, however, I work in a teaching hospital and it isn't the right time for me to find a new job just in the hopes of finding a preceptor.
    I need to get ready for bed but will check back tomorrow if you have any questions. I'm sure there are CRNFAs around reading this post who may have more interesting comments than what I've written.
  5. by   boo_loveya
    Ok well that's good to know, thank you!

    Is it hard to find these types of jobs then if not all hospitals use them?
  6. by   NIFAinfo
    You have been given good advice. To enroll in an RNFA program, a perioperative nurse must have 2 years OR experience and be CNOR eligible found at www.cc-institute.org. They would not need CNOR for enrollment into the program, however, it is required before program completion. The CNOR requirement is waived for APN enrollees.

    We have a few RNFA students who work in the University hospital setting, however they are the exception.


  7. by   mrsilly
    OK, now here's my question. A coworker and I are interested in becoming RNFAs. We have the pre-requisites. However, our hospital doesn't use RNFAs because it has residents and med students. Are there any good scholarly articles that you know of that describes a cost analysis, benefits of, etc. regarding RNFAs? We also have to get physicians willing to sponsor us. Any input would be appreciated.
  8. by   bnhanna9
    GREAT question mrsilly. I'm looking for the same information on here as well. It's pretty hard to come by. I'm really wanted to become an RNFA as well but our system doesn't recognize them. I live in Florida and it seems like hardly anyone does. Best of luck to you and your coworker!
  9. by   mrsilly
    I don't really want a pay cut (which is more than likely), but I'm thinking of contacting surrounding hospitals and asking what my chances are of doing an internship there and if they know any surgeons looking for first assistants. Networking might not be a bad thing.