Poll: Do you prefer being in a room or giving breaks?

  1. Would you rather be in the same room all shift, or give coffee breaks and lunch breaks all shift?
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  3. by   CuttingEdgeRN
    lol, that's a tough one!...... I think I would rather be in my same room. When giving breaks, I get the feeling that everyone thinks you are getting to do NOTHING all day. Even though you are probably working twice as hard.
  4. by   tessa_RN
    I like being in a room because I know where everything is and everything is in a certain order to suit me..Ive relieved in a room and everything is a complete mess...
  5. by   TracyB,RN
    I totally prefer my OWN room, same surgeon, nice long cases, where we can take our break & lunch together while the surgeon rounds between cases. And so I can keep my room nice & tidy, knowing that MY paperwork is up to date, charges completed, etc, etc. . .
    Now, if I could just get off the crutches & get back to work!!!!
  6. by   crackerjack
    Tough question!!! When I'm assigned a room for the day I prefer to stick with it, hate it when the CN starts switching things around. I prefer to run my room, organize it during lulls in the case, keep it picked up and as clean as possible for fast turnovers...you get the picture. When I'm float for the day, giving breaks/lunches and opening rooms, running for extras to help out, helping anyone starting a case as much as possible to keep things moving quickly...I love that as well. However, IF i'm float for the day and we get add-ons that require me to open a room, I'm not a happy camper LOL I really like all the change, being able to help the other teams out and if it's my turn to get to do that, I wanna get to do it. Being new, since May, in the OR it really helps when others see how willing I am to jump in there and help whenever needed instead of loafing around doing nothing all day like some folks do when they are float for the day-it's a sore spot for a lot of folks. It has really helped in gaining the respect of colleagues and surgeons alike. Anyway, I'm not answering your question and I'm afraid I can't LOL