Outpt surgery nurses....Advice/info, please!

  1. I interviewed yesterday for a position in an outpt surgery ctr for a doc who specializes in pain mgmt. I've never done any kind of OR anything.

    The facility does nerve blocks, MSO4 pumps, and all different kinds of spinal procedures which I don't know anything about.

    The pts are spinal injury, failed back surgery syndrome, ortho, cancer pain, etc. Chronic and acute pain.

    The RNs admit, sedate, circulate, recover, and D/C the same pts.

    There are a total of two RNs on duty, one surgeon.
    There are LPNs and MAs, as well. I don't know how many or what they do.

    They do 20-30 procedures a day, three days a week. Clinic is two days a week.

    Hours Mon-Fri approx 8a-5p, +/-. No weekends, no major holidays, no call.

    Pay is mid to high twenties per hour.

    How does this sound to you?
    What's your opinion?
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  3. by   CDNORRN
    It sounds like you're considering this position. I would suggest that you should ask if you could shadow an RN for a couple of days to see what is involved with this job. It seems like it is a task oriented position and also VERY busy. (do you have roller skates?) lol A day or two might help to give you an idea of what you'll be getting into.
  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Thank you.

    I hope to get several more responses from OR, day surg nurses!
  5. by   ebear
    I agree. See if you can "try before you buy". It does sound very busy, but great that there are no weekends or holidays. If you get to "shadow", see if you can pick up the personality of the doc (some in pain management are extremely cranky people). Let us know!
  6. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I had an interview yesterday.
    Yes, I met the doc and he was cranky. He is also only about 5" tall. I did not stand up when he came into the conferance room- I didn't want to tower over him. The NM seemed really enthusiatic about me; the doc didn't.

    The NM told me the nurses work very well together, and they've been there for years.

    If I am offered the job, I will ask if I can shadow first. I do have a feeling that this would freak them out, but I will ask.
    Lots of nurses in this area, and few jobs.
  7. by   ebear
    Probable Napoleon Syndrome. Just make sure you have a tough hyde! It must be sorta depressing when ALL of your patients have chronic pain. It's been my experience that a lot of pain management docs are a PIA themselves. hahahaha!
  8. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Thanks, ebear. I was thinking the Napoleon thing, too.