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  1. On Monday, I will be interviewing at Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside for their OR Training Program. They will only be hiring 3-4 RN's. There is a 6 month didactic followed by a 1 year clinical internship. Then you have to commit to work there for an additional 2 years.

    The letter they sent me states I will be interviewing with the Director of Surgical Services, the Clinical Manager, the Perioperative Clinical Educator, the Orientation Coordinator, an experienced Perioperative Nurse and a student from a prior class.

    Any idea what kind of questions they could possibly ask me? I'm sure they'll ask me why I want to be an OR nurse but what else do you think they'll ask? Has anyone interviewed or worked there? I know it's short notice but any help would be appreciated. I really want this position and am really nervous about interviewing with this panel!

    Also, they want me to write a letter requesting consideration and outlining my long-range career goals. My only goal at the moment is to make it through the training and become an OR nurse that knows what she's doing. Even though it's not really a goal at the moment, I stated I want to finish my master's degree and possible advance into a supervisory or educator role. Any other ideas that will make me sound like someone they'd want to hire?
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  3. by   inspir8tion
    I was asked if I had leadership/management in school (I said yes) and what was my weakest area when I did that (I said I was too detailed and that took up a lot of my time at the beginning, but I learned how to streamline that - notice I turned a possible negative into a positive). They asked me why OR nursing and not floor nursing (I said I like having a 1 to 1 ratio and that I don't think patients get proper care when the RN is spread so thin on the floor). I don't remember what else. I start my program next month.

    It sounds like they expect commitment from you, so I would emphasize that you are committed to working there and staying through all of their required times and probably longer. I would research the hospital and find out what you can about their surgical programs so that you will look like you are so interested in them that you just had to find out all about them before you interviewed. If you are interested in becomming an RNFA you should let them know during the interview.

    Good luck!