OR table set up for Scrub Nurse

  1. Hello everyone!! I am looking for a book that has pictures of a set-up for a general OR table. You know, where I can see the Deavers set up, the scissors set up, the basin bin set up, etc. A snapshot with everything labled on a scrub table. This would be VERY HELPFUL to get a basic understanding of how the table is to be set-up. I know the set-up can change depending on the surgery, but a general overview would be most helpful.

    Anyone know where I can get access to a photo of this?? There are none in my surgery book.

    THANK YOU!!!!!
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  3. by   4_Sq
    hi epona,

    i don't know if there are any books with photos of the set up of or tables in them.
    in the set up of your or table, the things to consider are

    the facility you work in- does it have a standardized table set up so that it is easier to scrub another
    nurse out if necessary. if there is a standardized set up then you can follow that.

    the type of surgery- you can always set up your basics the same, but once you get into joint surgery
    etc the table will change considerably

    i used to work where the set up was standardized, this is easier for teaching and consistency. where i work now, we set up our tables as we choose.

    some key things that help me in my table is that i never deviate from my basic's. i always keep instruments
    that i need in a hurry, in the most accessible spot. i keep like instruments together. i contain all of my small
    items, they are never loose on my table. i use instrument rolls to organize instruments, and i group them together
    so that counting out is simple and organized. i usually leave my basin in the ring stand and don't put it on my back table
    just so that there is better visibility on my table for the circulating nurse.
    i don't clutter my mayo stand either, just bare bones and only the instruments needed at the time are there.
    there are a few or table set ups on you tube, i don't know if they are helpful or not.
    if i were you, i would watch the set ups of the most experienced nurses or or techs, and ask them to help you.
    each surgery requires different instruments so that once you learn the basics, setting your table will require that the more
    advanced surgeries each require a different set up which you will learn as you learn the specialty and surgeon preferences.

    good luck, maybe sorry i can't provide you with pictures, maybe some of the nurses that are teaching or nursing can provide you with some of their pictures.
  4. by   Epona
    Thanks Boxrluvr! That was helpful!! We are supposed to go over the instruments in detail tomorrow. I will ask them to please provide us with a general standard set up. That as you say, will be HELPFUL in the basic set-up. And also as you mentioned, you can build on from there, but at least you have a general idea what to go by. Good point! THANK YOU!!!
  5. by   Rose_Queen
    Also, while doing table setups with a preceptor, see if you or someone else in the room can take photos. We recently hired several new STs, and since they don't get a lot of exposure to open heart during school, they do mock setups. We get an extra case cart, and the newbie sets up with guidance from the preceptor. Then the newbies broke scrub and took several different photos to show how they set up. Pretty much a standard set-up for us, although there are a few who put certain things in a slightly different spot (such as rake retractors on the left side of the instrument basket vs right side). One thing to keep in mind is that for cases that are long or start later in the day, it is more likely to be relieved either for a meal break or for shift change, so you want the person taking over to be able to find what they need without having to spend minutes searching.