OR or ER?

  1. I am currently attending nursing school and I am torn between a career in the OR of the ER. Can anyone give me any suggestions?
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  3. by   Bailey
    Originally posted by cwgirl77:
    I am currently attending nursing school and I am torn between a career in the OR of the ER. Can anyone give me any suggestions?
    I've been an RN for almost 3 years and I'm currently taking an in-hospital OR course and I love it! You get less patient interraction as they're only awake for a little while, but in that little time you can make a big difference!!
    Good luck in whatever you decide!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!
  4. by   janine3&5
    Have you rotated through these areas yet in clinical? I started out wanting to be in OB, but once I went through different areas, I found out that there were other specialties that I liked even better! LOVE the ER!
    But if you've already been through both areas and are still torn between the two, I would go to ER first, where you get to see a bit of everything, vs the OR, where it is a completely different kind of nursing. The great thing about nursing is that if it doesn't work out, you can always try something else! Of course, lots say there's a great foundation in starting with med-surg....
    By the way, I'm still a student too, so don't have any experience in what I'm telling you, just throwing in my 2 cents!
  5. by   cindybeth
    I've been in the OR for six years, and absolutley loved it when I first started. However, I am now wishing I were more diverse in my practice to be able to join agency in town. (Great demand for OR travelers, but not OR agency. And can't travel.) Just met a nurse who has done lots of ER, which is very broad. And lots of other things too in her ten yrs. She works as an agency nurse, no wknds, no holidays, top pay. I am preparing to leave the OR to diversify. I think I will feel more comfortable overall when I get out of this pigeonhole. My advice, try to think long term, about what your goals are... However, if you do choose OR, I highly recommend that you NOT do it straight out of school. Seen a few people not swim b/c they lack experience. Med/surg will just give you a good foundation. Even if just for six months. Good luck
  6. by   Y2KRN
    Hello Cwgirl77,

    I started out as a surgical tech, loved it got great experience, but wanted more from my nursing education. OR is fantastic, but very specific and technical. I am currently taking a job in the Er after a year of experience on med/surg and respiratory floors. I had offers to go straight to OR after I graduated from nursing school and when I started nursing school always thought I would be an OR nurse, did clinicals and found out there are a lot of different areas to pursue with nursing. ER is more diversified. You will learn a lot in the OR about anatomy and phisiology, and be on the cutting edge of technology. Nursing offers plenty of opportunities and I say start where you want if you don't like it move on to another area. You will find your niche and it is wonderful that you have many different areas to choose from. It takes special people to do the special job of nurses. I admire the Ob nurses because I couldn't do that!!! And I am glad that nursing offers me many different avenues. What ever area you decide to start in, remember you will gain knowledge and experience and benifit your patient, and will always continue to grow and learn with the profession!!!

    I look forward to hearing what you have decided, and good luck to you!!

    I must say I do miss scrubbing in the OR.

  7. by   tariet
    I to am a nursing student (graduate in Dec, thank heaven) and found myself in your same situation. I have always wanted to be either an OR or ER nurse. VERY luckily for me an area hospital started a orientation program in their OR for nursing students. Considering that for a new grad getting a position in the OR right off the bat is difficult to say the least, I immediately applied and was accepted. This was a new program to the OR at my hospital and I have since found out that not many hospitals in the country are doing this. (But I bet we're going to be seeing more programs like this in the future) It's been difficult, it's like taking 2 very intensive programs at once, but I'm very glad I did. OR nursing is nothing like any other type of nursing, ER included. I'm on the edge of cutting technology (I work for a great hospital), working with doctors, nurses, CRNA's and other tech's of exceptional quality, and I feel I'm helping and providing excellent patient care for my patients during an extreamly stressful period, and oh yeah.... the biology behind surgery is awesome!! I'm realizing that OR nursing and just about any other type of nursing are VERY different. I'd suggest that you contact your local hospitals and see if you can shadow both an ER and an OR nurse for a few days to get a feel for the difference. Both require you to be on your toes and thinking 3 steps ahead but in totally different enviroments and responsiblities. Hope this helps! Tariet