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I hear most OR Nurses make 100, 000 a year with on call pay. Does anyone know about this nice number?????... Read More

  1. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether they are "experienced" or not and age or experience do not automatically lend validity to someones opinion. Everyone is responsible for his/her own career, and you have to make the decision that's right for you. Signed, the uppity "new grad"..

  2. by   Janet E Groll
    I started in a busy trauma center as a nursing student with one semester of nursing in. I was fortunate to have been taken under the experienced nurses wings. I was also in the float pool, so as a student I worked on all the floors and ICUs. When I graduated from school I stayed in the float pool and worked all specialties for about 11 years, then in 1990 I went to the OR for an interview, during the interview I was told "you have no OR experience, we are really looking for a nurse with some experience". I then looked the director in the eyes and stated " How do you expect me to aquire the experience if you are not willing to hire me and train me"? I was hired on the spot. I can function independently in all areas of the OR. This includes both scrub and circulating. From ortho, neuro, and hearts to renal and liver transplants. I also harvest saphanous vein and first assist. My specialty now is hearts and I can honestly say that the "old fashioned way" of spending time on the floors has helped me in my career. I can speed through a chart and find the problems immediately. The other day the anethesiologist was prepping my patient for an epidural preop, when I walked in and I reminded him that my patient had active aspergilosis, where an epidural is contraindicated, lest you introduce the fungus directly into the CSF fluid where it will then go into the brain. I was able to avert harm to my patient, which is the whole reason I do what I do. I also continue to read journals regularly, so I can keep up with new treatments and find so much information thats helps me to completely understand the different systems involved in disease processes. I also keep the communication lines open with my Drs, the floor nurses, infectious disease, labs, blood bank and pharmacy. I also take my heart patients up to the floor with anethesia so that if the nurse or respiratory have any questions I can answer them in person. The hours are long, the pay is good and my coworkers are my family when I'm not at home. After all you end up spending more time with them than your own family. I'm not saying you should spend time on the floors before going to the OR, it just worked well for me. It is so much easier these days to go from school to the OR than when I tried. We hire direct from school where I work and some make really good OR nurses, and some you don't want to work next to. But I guess that goes with the experienced nurse also. You really have to work in the OR, there is no room for the lazy nurse in the OR. Make sure you have good preceptors and a good OR educator and you will do fine. Good luck!
  3. by   pvnurse1
    I recently graduated with a BSN and will be beginning my nursing career in the OR. I must say after reading this thread, that several people it seemed had valid points. I think it important to mention that someone like me, who reads these threads because they are just starting out in OR nursing, would like to see a little more comraderie(?) and support for new nurses. It seems as though some of the nurses who posted to THIS thread, feel as though they shouldn't let new nurses in OR. All I can say is I'm glad my hospital has taken a chance with me being a new nurse and allowed me the opportunity to become an OR nurse.
  4. by   Margot399
    I agree with Shodobe. I've worked at the same hospital, in Northern Calif (very high pay there)for decades. The combination of experience, versatility with scrubbing and circulating, and stamina with all the call you can handle will bring you the big bucks. If you enjoy the challenge, you will flourish and enjoy the extra money.