OR nurse training program, should I take the job?

  1. Hi, I am a 23 year old girl living in Colorado. I graduated with my RN, BSN in May and have been working at a LTC rehab facility. I was just offered a job in an OR training program that has 6 months of training with 3 years of a commitment. I know that this is a wonderful opportunity and I am excited about it, but I am not sure that I want to be an OR nurse. I found the environment exciting, but it is never where I saw myself. I was planning on going into pediatrics or maybe even OB, but I eventually wanted to become a family NP. I know that I really could have the potencial to love this job, but I know that I could not as well. I have to make a choice by tomorrow, but if there is anyone who has been in this same situation, or anything similar, or who just has some good advice, I would really appreciate it!
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  3. by   Student_nurse_SMC13
    I found myself working as an OR nurse tech and I graduate in May and have always dreamed about working in OB. I took the job out of desperate need for a money and experience and because they offered me an RN position when I graduate. I have learned a lot of valuable information working in the OR and have gained much confidence in skills and working with doctors. however, OR nursing is not like other nursing and you really have to love it to work there, so if you think that you can love working as an OR nurse then you should take the job otherwise I advise going after the job that you really want.
  4. by   Rose_Queen
    Most nurses who try the OR either love it or hate it. A three year commitment is a long time to have to work a job you may not like. I wouldn't go for a position with such a long commitment if my heart weren't in it. However, only you can make the decision; no one can make it for you. Weigh your pros and cons and go from there.
  5. by   orrn42
    Hey, I also graduated in May and took a job in the OR, I got a 6 month internship also. I took the job as I thought that working the OR would be sweet seeing the different surgeries and cool stuff. The thing is it took a while, but now that I am really getting the feel of what the nurse does in the OR, its not what I want to do. I wish I had shadowed more before this and watched the nurse, instead of the surgeries. Im kind of stuck now and am not sure where to go as it is hard to get other jobs. I miss the patient nurse interaction and I don't feel much reward with my job.... A lot of OR nurses love it that I work with, so like the other poster said, weigh out your pros and cons. Also pray (:
  6. by   lperez89
    I took a position in the OR with a new grad training program and a two year contract, I knew when I was accepting the job that I was making a mistake, and regretted it the moment I started the job. If I am able to find another nursing position before my contract is over, I will gladly pay back the money I owe on the contract. People are right, you either love the OR or you absolutely hate it. I would give great thought to taking the position, especially if there is a position you would rather seek out, because if you sign a contract and then realize it is not for you, most institutions will be hesitant to work with you in finding a transfer, or it may not let you transfer at all due to being a new graduate, and the fact that OR nursing is so different from floor nursing, they would have to spend even more to retrain you.
    Good luck, I hope you end up in the best place for you
  7. by   Toast&Butters
    How much money would you have to pay back?
  8. by   heartlover
    Can you tell me the hospital where the internship would be? I have worked at a few in CO and might be able to tell you the demeanor of management and whether they would work with you to transfer or if it may be more difficult (based on opinion only of course)? Also if it is at a hospital where I worked I may be able to give some insight or suggestions.
  9. by   Nursebrittyboo15
    I am a newer graduate nurse actually looking to get into the operating room. I am 100% willing to reocate and am wondering if anyone can help me find a training program such as the one in the original post? It seems that everywhere I apply wants experience or just plain don't want a newer nurse. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated
  10. by   suckulator

    Crouse hospital in Syracuse NY has an Peri-op 101 program and hires many new grads. Finished mine about a year ago and if you hate it you don't have to stay but of course it is frowned upon. Their point if view is that if you are miserable they don't want you there. It might be a few months before they start another "academy"
  11. by   Nursebrittyboo15
    Thanks so much I'll have to look into applying there. I appreciate the feedback
  12. by   lisacsu84
    I did a periop program with a 2 year contract at a local hospital. The OR was so not for me the contract makes you feel so stuck. THis particular OR was very toxic. I would recommend against it unless you are 99% sure this is were you want to be. I know the program you are talking about it used to be 2 years. Good luck
  13. by   OR-RN<3
    Hi there! I definitely know the OR is not for everybody. I did a ton of research on what OR nurses do before I agreed to start in the OR. I was lucky enough to get into a 12 month training program, and I absolutely love it. You have to do what is right for you. OR nursing is tough (like all nursing is!), so if you don't think you'll love it, I would suggest trying a different nursing field, or researching more about OR nursing. Good luck
  14. by   Nursebrittyboo15
    What training program did you do? I am looking so hard for one and I am having no luck