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  1. I want to be a nurse, more specifically I would like to work as a nurse in an Orthopedic Operating Room. I've been involved in this area through my BS and now through sales but need to go back to school for the nursing experience to really participate. Are there programs that are "industry preferred" or experience I can build to help me get to my goals?

    I just love the OR and orthopedics!

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  3. by   tnbutterfly
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  4. by   NP Sam
    No nursing programs are not industry specific. You have to learn a little of everything in school. That is especially because there is NO guarantee you will be hired in the area you want after graduation. I would suggest that when you get into accelerated program you do your final preceptorship in the OR if you can. Oddly enough I did mine in orthopedic OR and enjoyed it. Best of luck!
  5. by   ORTRAV
    You will not learn anything about the OR in nursing school. You will be lucky if your school alows you to spend 1 week in the OR. After school you may be able to intern in an OR. Some hospitals now offer a Periop 101 class for new to the OR personell. It is an ok class to teach you the basics of how to function in an OR. There is nothing specific for Ortho. You will just have to find a job in an OR and hope the Ortho team has an opening.
  6. by   ORoxyO
    I'm currently in an OR nurse in an orthopedic hospital, which was also my goal before deciding to go into nursing. We only take OR nurses with some experience, occasionally with only 1 year worth. You'll probably have to start in a large teaching OR and orientate to all the specialties. After orientation you can try to join an Ortho team (if your hospital does it that way) or look for jobs in a hospital like mine. While in nursing school, I would suggest you look for student positions in a local OR. Where I was trained we had both PCAs and student nurses in the OR. That will help you get that first job. I would think that if you have a background working in an OR as a rep that it would help you. I'd try to play that up.
  7. by   NurseSpanky
    Interesting enough, I was in your same shoe 4 years ago. I was an ortho rep with a decade of experience in the OR. I had a rapid reduction of business and decided to cut my losses and go back to school to be an OR nurse. It has been an interesting journey to say the least.

    I graduated this May and have an interview in a week for a Periop residency program. 1 thing that I have learned is that there are many interesting facets of nursing. I hope to get back to the OR to use some of my hard won orthopedic knowledge, but if that doesn't work out, I'm sure that wherever I end up will be rewarding.

    Feel free to PM if you have any questions.
  8. by   HollywoodDiva
    I'm quite sure you will be an asset to the OR especially since you already know how to deal with the multiple personalities in that setting.