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  1. hello everyone i was wondering about working in the OR as a tech i will be graduating in March and i want to start working in the hospital and I can't decide if i want to go to OR or L&D, but i would like to start working as tech so i can get to know the floor and not come out brand new as a RN could you tell me what i would be responsible for? thanks for your help
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  3. by   KC CHICK
    Our hospital JUST started taking nursing students as nurse techs in the OR. They can assist w/holding retractors (scrubbed in, of course) and setting up rooms, etc..... Don't know if many hospitals hire students for that job since we just started doing it. The 'other tech' position would be for a surgical tech, and they have to go through a special program that's 1 year long.

    It's kinda funny, OR and L&D were my two top choices as well. Glad I got OR...there is so much to learn!!!! It will definately benefit me if I ever decide to go to L&D have to know how to scrub and circulate those c-sections if you ever get into L&D anyway!! My best friend is starting out in L&D and loves her specialty as much as I love mine. She gets a 6 month orientation and I get 9 months...just a little longer.
    It's kinda funny- we work in the same hospital and get to work w/the same OB/GYN docs. She helps deliver babies and I help the docs with hysterectomys! Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum.
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